Round Dining Tables

Luxury Round Dining Tables

There are many advantages to round dining tables. Most famously, King Arthur’s round table was chosen so that everyone felt equally valued.


No one needs to turn to converse with their neighbour at a round dining table, and this improved feeling of openness leads to easier interactions at mealtimes.


As the dining table is often a hub of family activity – not only for meals, but providing a place for homework, crafts, and games – it’s vital that it’s comfortable for everyone to move around it. The enhanced flow and space that round dining tables offer allows all dining chairs to be accessed easily, with no awkward corners to bump into.


A round dining table also allows everyone to access items easily, without the need to constantly pass food up and down the table.


Small round dining tables

Round tables are perfect for smaller spaces, as they take up less square footage than rectangular tables of the same size.


Additionally, because everyone sits at a slight angle to the person dining next to them, round dining tables feel less crowded than their rectangular counterparts.


We understand that many of our customers would like to opt for a small round dining table due to space limitations.


In addition to our many larger options, we stock a wide range of small round dining tables that are perfect for homes where space is at a premium.

Round extendable dining tables

If you often have extra guests at mealtimes, or you have a larger family, then our round extendable dining tables are the ideal solution.


Providing additional seating at a moment’s notice, they expand and contract with ease.


We encourage you to take a look at our collection of beautiful dining chairs, which are available in a range of designs, materials and colours. With so many options in our collection, you’re sure to find dining chairs to complement your chosen round extendable dining table perfectly.


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