Velvet Barstools

Affordable Velvet Barstools

Velvet bar stools are the perfect choice for those who prioritise style and comfort in equal measure. Silky to the touch and sumptuous in appearance, velvet bar stools exude luxury and elegance.


Here at Arighi Bianchi, we have velvet bar stools available in a range of styles and colours, adding a splash of opulence (and functionality) to your space.


Velvet bar stools with backrests

Our range of velvet bar stools with backrests allow you to recline at leisure.


If you have young children, we advise opting for velvet bar stools with backrests to avoid the risk of accidents. They also offer better lumbar support than backless bar stools.


Choose from luxurious grey velvet bar stools, as well as chunky upholstered yellow or blue velvet bar stools with backrests.

Backless velvet bar stools

Backless velvet bar stools are a great option for all the minimalists out there. With no visible backrest above the height of the countertop, there will be nothing to break up the straight lines of your bar counter or kitchen surface.


Another benefit of backless velvet bar stools is that they can be easily tucked under the bar or kitchen counter. This makes them ideal for smaller spaces, as they take up less square footage when not in use.

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