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LA Luxe Interiors: Oscar worthy looks

18 Mar 2024

It’s ‘the Oscars’ season when the spotlight is on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Los Angeles. And this year, for the first time in 20 years, the globally acclaimed award show will be aired live and for free on ITV, opening up the event to more viewers here in the UK than ever before.

But it’s not just the haute couture fashions featured on the Red Carpets of Beverley Hills that are inspiring us here in the UK, LA-led trends are also ardently transcending our interior choices. And these looks will be around way beyond The Academy Awards’ after parties as enduring trending looks for UK homes in 2024.

Why LA-inspired styling is gaining popularity in the UK

“LA interior styling super charges some of the major UK interior design trend movements for 2024”, says our own interior trends expert Lucy Mather.

“As we have already identified within our 2024/25 trend predictions, some major influences that will shape our homes are the oversize and maximalism trend, as well as dopamine decorating. Hollywood homes showcase these looks in abundance – and we can’t get enough of it! 

“These aspirational homes also encompass the concept of Quiet Luxury, a trend that quickly transitioned from fashion to interiors – undoubtedly spurred on by TV series Succession that had UK audiences drooling at the understated high-quality furniture and furnishings in the family’s residences.  Similarly, the LA interiors influence taps into the idea of creating homes to shake off the pressures of the outside world; a place to escape and to ‘dream big’.

“Escalating in 2024/25 is also an increased desire for global design influences within our homes: California is a mecca of artists, actors and designers from all over the world and this creativity is expressed in its breadth of home styling; from Chateau and traditional looks, to modern mansion art gallery-esque décors and boho beach house. LA interiors seem to have it all!

“And finally, LA influences are growing thanks to popular TV programmes like Selling Sunsets and Hollywood Houselift and reality shows such as the Kardashians, alongside Instagram; so for everyone craving a film-like life we can gain access to these uber inspirational abodes through our screens any time of the day.

“LA-home styling is something we can all get inspired by from the comfort of our sofas!”   


The LA Look: Three key elements 

We’ve summarised key elements of the prevailing LA interiors influences for UK homes, into three themes.

 Curated not co-ordinated

A prominent theme in LA Home styling is that they are filled with things that look ‘collected’; like they tell a story and have organically come together – not that have been designed or bought together ‘to match’. High street matching co-ords have no place in this type of unique look that’s filled with individual personality!

LA Designers are known for mixing styles and designs. They love to mix traditional design aesthetics and modern elements to create unique spaces full of life.

They create lively and eccentric, gallery-like spaces; bold design concepts and infusing them with warmth, sophistication, and a sense of home. Expect to see rustic antiques and retro furniture alongside modern architecture and an expanse of glass.


Quality and attention to detail

California interior designers are known for the quality of their projects, with an attention to detail and we think this very much mirrors our own ethos here at Arighi Bianchi. It’s about delivering a powerful combination of simple styling and the most exquisite materials. This influence can extend to interior design through the incorporation of bespoke, artisanal elements, such as custom furniture, handcrafted accessories, or unique artwork. Here the quiet luxury trend and laid back living style that embodies quintessential California living comes to the fore. 

And just as the Oscars epitomise glamour and sophistication, this aesthetic often translates into interior design trends. Luxurious fabrics, elegant furnishings, and statement pieces showcased at the Oscars influence the design choices of interior designers and homeowners alike in the UK, aiming to replicate the glamorous atmosphere of Hollywood in their own spaces.


Indoor-outdoor living

With an abundance of sunshine, LA homes can easily merge indoor and outdoor living, but it’s an aesthetic that we can still adopt here in the UK – even if we don’t have the same climate! LA interiors often celebrate the natural beauty of materials and always try to create a visual dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces.


More LA inspo coming soon … later this month we have an exciting launch of a campaign featuring the global influences on UK interiors. Watch this space - we hope you'll love it!


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