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Grey And White Interiors: Neutrals Are Here To Stay!

01 Oct 2020

Grey and whites are a great foundation to any interior. With endless styles and contemporary looks, the options are endless. Keep reading for more reasons why neutrals are here to stay for the autumn! 



Layering neutrals is an extremely classy way to upgrade interiors on a budget. Adding textures is essential to add body to an open space. Incorporating accents from accessories like mirrors, side tables and plant pots are a great way to enhance the neutral tones. Throws and rugs are a great accessory to include neutrals into a living space. By using lighter accessories with darker walls, a strong contrast can be made within the room and vice versa.



Lightweight textures are great in summer to give a lighter, airy feel to the interior. Using throws and lighter coloured pillowcases in living rooms or bedrooms can add more depth and a very contemporary style to the living area. Woods and other organic beige accents release a modern feel to the whole space. Texturising an interior emits a very homely vibe with a spacious feel due to the light shades of colours used throughout the room. Continuing the organic feel through staple pieces is a great idea when working with beiges, side tables and wooden accents through tables and chairs create a very natural, hygge vibe to the space.



Accessories are a great way to bring colour and added brightness to the room. By leaving walls and main features of the room neutral, accessories are easy to contrast and add a brighter feel to the room. When pairing accessories with white, faux plants are a very current accessory when thinking about a refresh for summer. Mirrors and photo frames are a great way to accessorise by matching the accents to contrast with the main colour of the room. Chromes also work very successfully alongside neutrals due to the amount of option it provides when deciding how to decorate in summer. Continuing with the minimal theme, cream shades are to die for during the summertime. Rugs, vases and other table ware is a gorgeous way to revitalise the greys and nudes used to previously fill the room. 


Geometric patterns

Monotone colours are a great base to start off with styling interiors. Using multiple shades of the same colour in a geometric pattern is perfect for extra dimension. Patterned rugs and throws are great to add depth and an extra boost of colour whilst still sticking to the neutral theme of the space. Other patterns may be seen on vases, mirrors, lamps and other accessories. Patterns are. Continuing with the theme of geometrics, a two tonal pattern is a great way to add another colour. Chromes are stylish and a great accent to add when sticking to neutrals and also creating natural shadows and depth to the neutral space. 



Lighting is the perfect accessory to add into any neutral interior to create a sumptuous atmosphere. Warm lighting dress the room with an extra shade of neutral yellow, whilst a brighter light may visually extend your space. Natural lighting is also a great feature to accentuate the textures and layers of the living space. Natural lighting tends to give more depth to a room as well as tying the whole summer feel of the room together along with other accessories and colours.






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