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5 Traditional Living Room Must Haves

13 Mar 2020

Keeping up with upcoming trends can be a lot when there’s so many ways to change the look of a living room!

Sometimes going back to traditional interiors reboots the inspiration for a redecoration. Living rooms can be the heart of a home where plenty of time is spent there even just in a day, which is why it’s important to know what’s a must when it comes to traditional interiors.

Read ahead to find out what we think the 5 must haves are when it comes down to a spruce up in the living room!

Wooden Accents.

Wooden accents are a great traditional feature of any living room and are easily tied into the whole look through many different pieces of furniture.

Lounge chairs and side tables are a great staple to have in the living room and such an effortless way to recreate a period living room. Mahogany accents were a huge part of a living room from the 40s era and are back for more interior creativeness. Accessories such as mirror frames work great to tie the room together with more accents to create a contrast and slight boldness for the accessories to stand out more against lighter colours of the room.

Period Features.

Having traditional features in your house makes it a whole lot easier to redesign in a traditional manner.

Beamed ceilings and panelled walls are great original features in a period home which adds plenty of character to the overall finish. Any feature of the house which was there originally should always be left! As well as the features looking timeless they’re always such an impressive feature that are extremely aesthetically pleasing to all guests admiring your home!

Skirting boards, stoves and fireplaces all look great when styled to perfection. Skirting boards are quite a minimal touch however can really stand out paired with lighter, neutral coloured walls and wooden accents from accessories added to the room!

Fireplaces and stoves also look amazing to give a vintage feel to the room. Paired with stone when placed under a chimney adds a historical nature to the whole room. The dark features emit a strong contrast when paired with a cream colour palette.

Patterns & Textures.

Patterns and textures are potentially the most exciting aspects when it comes to updating your home as there’s really no limits as to where these patterns go!

Floral tones and geometric styles are probably the go-to styles when embracing traditional must haves. Patterns can be included through rugs, curtains, sofas and wallpapers! A vital piece of advice is the room should always be 50/50. If the rugs and curtains are patterned, make the sofas and walls plain and vice versa! This splits the room up evenly and is guaranteed to make your living room as established as possible.

Textures are also an important way to redecorate. Velvet sofas and floral fabrics were a big hit back in the mid 1900s. Lounge chairs also included fringes as it was very popular style to have fabric and / or the sofa going straight down to the floor. These styles add an elegant finish to the room. Cushions were also a very popular feature, especially with a pom-pom embellishment to add more of a grand, sumptuous look to the living room. By sticking to a colour scheme, cushions can also be included in accessories and adding a burst of colour to your living room.

Botanical Elements

Flowers and indoor plants are always a great feature to have in any living room, however it really co-insides with the look from the 20s/30s era! The greens can really brighten up the room when paired next to neutral walls.

Flowers are also a great accessory when the room is filled with colour to also tie the room together. For example, if your living room features pink accessories, a bunch of pink flowers give a small burst of the colour elsewhere in the room. With this, vases are also another accessory which could resemble tradition. Using patterned vases; glass or ceramic adds another element of sophistication and elegance to your living room.


Lighting is a subtle but very relevant attribute to your living room.

Lighting changes the whole room due to the warmth and brightness. Natural lighting is always a great detail to have due to the light making the room look more spacious.

Lamps are also a great way to add an essence of tradition into the room. Creams and neutral tones are very traditional touches which seem to be a popular colour of lamp shades. This gives the room a more yellow tone adding warmth. Others feature floral tones to add more character and a historical element.

Chandeliers were a very popular choice when it came to lighting, portraying prestige and a very luxurious style to the living room. The glass beaded centrepiece is quite the showstopper! Using a chandelier with gold accents would usually be seen with warmer tones and neutral colours to make the chandelier the centre of attention. Using a candle style chandelier adds elegance and a grand finish, this would also look very polished look when paired with candle wall sconces to bind the whole look of the room together.

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