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5 Tips For Decorating With Dreamy Neutrals

30 Mar 2021

Decorating with neutrals isn’t all about greige. There’s a whole spectrum of subtle tones to fill your living space with, from dusky blush to smokey tan. Anything but bland; neutral interiors are a timeless way to suit a range of decor styles, from simple Japandi to country-inspired cottagecore.

Read on for our five easy tips to try when styling neutrals at home...

1. Find Your Neutral Palette

The term ‘neutral’ technically stands for any shade not on the colour wheel, but that doesn’t mean a lack of bold hues has to be bland. From cool greys to pink-toned taupes and creamy off-whites to rich, earthy tones; there are endless ways to mix and match neutral interiors. The trick is finding complementary tones that work together in harmony in your living space. 

 If opting for warm hues when decorating with neutrals, choose shades with a green or yellow undertone. Think buttery shades of taupe, wheat and vanilla, as seen together on the Geometric Taupe Cushion, or spiced, earthy hues of cinnamon and clay.

For a cooler vibe, look for neutrals with a pink or blue undertone. We love shades of dove grey, perfect for statement pieces like the Lisa Light Grey 2 Seater Sofa, or mauve, ivory, ecru and oyster. If the undertones of your colour palette match, the room is guaranteed to feel balanced.

2. Use Metallics and Wood to Add Warmth

Too much of the same shade can leave a neutral living space looking a little flat. To break up your colour palette, experiment with sleek metallics or rich wood accessories that add depth.

Bring a warm glow to a neutral room with the Hoop Copper Table Lamp placed on side tables. For art lovers, adorn the walls with metallic finishes, like with Acrylic Painting, featuring subtle gold accents for a modern feel. 

Bronze, copper, gold and rose gold will all pair well with warm-toned neutrals, whereas silver, pewter and metallic greys will elevate cool-toned neutrals. Whichever you choose, both will reflect natural light, bouncing around the room for a fresh, airy feel.

Opting for a more rustic style? The Wooden Side Table has a natural finish to bring a relaxed vibe. Don’t be afraid of darker wood shades too, or even black accents. The Harvey Round Coffee Table or a dark wood dining table will work perfectly as a focal point in the room to break up a neutral colour palette.

3. Experiment With Texture

Adding texture is a great way to bring any living space to life, but especially with neutral interiors. Not just for cushions and throws, try incorporating texture with a variety of accessories to fill the room, like on-trend rattan or marble finishes. 

The Natural Woven Tall Dome Pendant will look great in a warm-toned space, or opt for cool, elegant marble with the Lacey Corner Table. To tap into one of Instagram’s favourite interior trends of the moment,dried flowers, add a couple of fluffy pampas stems to the Multi Face White Vase. This allows you to add layers of neutrals with accessories and textures – not just different hues.

Make decorating with neutrals work for your decor style. For a rustic feel, try unfinished wooden accents and natural linen tablecloths. Prefer a more polished style? Mirrored surfaces and velvet accents lend interest to a subtle living space. For warm and cosy vibes, pile sofas high with knitted cushions and throws, fluffy rugs and faux fur accessories.


4. Add Different Shapes and Silhouettes

Keep a neutral space interesting with a variety of shapes and silhouettes placed throughout the room – from lighting to furniture and accessories. 

The Dudley Coffee Table is simple yet statement-making, with graphic lines off-setting a sleek marble finish. Lucky enough to have an open fireplace? Elevate a cosy, neutral living space with the ultra-elegant Metal Circle Log Holder, blending rustic vibes and clean lines. If opting for sleek, modern decor, the Brass and Black Framed Mantel Clock is simple and elegant, the perfect accessory for a mantelpiece or styled bookshelves. 

For those keeping accessories to a minimum, a sleek mirror like Mirror Curve Rectangular Copper is the fail-safe way to open up any space, while adding a new and subtle silhouette to the room.

5. Try a New Trend

Decorating with neutrals allows the freedom to mix up your interiors style and try a new trend, without bold colour accents getting in the way. 

Use your neutral colour palette to experiment with a new interiors trend in your living space. Browse Pinterest for interiors inspo, save posts to a folder on Instagram or create your own moodboard to bring together different design ideas. 

Our favourite trends to try with neutral interiors? The Japandi look brings together sleek minimal touches with effortlessly cool Scandi silhouettes. If you prefer a little more grandeur at home, pair Parisian-inspired interiors with a neutral colour palette. (We think you’ll love our new Atelier range, too.) Or, for a relaxed and laid-back look, embrace Instagram’s new cottagecore trend, inspired by country living with rustic farmhouse furniture and accessories. Enjoy experimenting with your interiors style to try something new.

Need a little interiors inspo? Discover 5 Decor Trends You Need to Know in 2021 to get you started.

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