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7 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

It’s amazing what clever decor can do. The smallest tweak or a stroke of paint can work wonders at enhancing or – if you get it wrong – minimising the space in a room. That’s why, when you’re decorating a small bedroom, it’s important to know all the tricks to increase space. Here are seven easy ways to make a small bedroom appear bigger...

1. Choose a Lower Bed

In most bedrooms – big or small – the bed takes up the majority of space. To ensure it doesn’t dominate the room entirely, consider a low, lithe bed frame with a minimal aesthetic. The Vincent Bedstead is perfect for creating a chic Japandi vibe, while a white style, like the Atelier Low End Bed, will enhance a bright and airy atmosphere. 

2. Or Opt for Under-Bed Storage

Alternatively, you can trade a chest of drawers for a slightly higher bed with storage underneath. This helps you reclaim precious floor space, so there’s more room for you to move around. The Tempur Ardennes 4 Drawer Divan is a go-to for storing clothes, books, games, movies and more. The drawers are sturdy and spacious, so you can pack plenty in. Oh, and it’s ultra-comfy, too.

3. Swap Table Lamps For Wall Lamps

Not only will choosing wall lamps over table lamps allow you to shop for petite bedside tables; it may even mean you don't need a bedside table at all. Ergo, extra space available. Simply fit stylish wall sconces that match the rest of the hardware in your room. The Hanson Wall Light comes in Antique Brass or Aged Copper colourways, and fits all manners of decor aesthetics. 

4. Raise Your Curtain Pole

This hack is simple but so very effective. Instead of placing curtain poles just above your windows, raise them as high as they will go (close to the ceiling), then hang up some long, light-coloured drapes. This easy adjustment can lend the illusion of higher ceilings and taller walls, which tricks the eye into seeing a larger room. It’s like an instant extension.


5. Pick a Light Colour Palette

While deeper shades like navy and olive green are trending on Instagram, they can make a small room feel even smaller. That’s why we recommend choosing white or pale grey palettes. Use the same paint colour on the walls and ceilings to open up the bedroom, then opt for a neutral carpet or light wood flooring. Your space will feel bigger and brighter.


6. Keep Bedding Minimal

Here’s another trick to make sure your bed doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the room: keep your bedding minimal. That means solid colours versus loud patterns when it comes to choosing sheets and comforters. Then, instead of piling cushions high, opt for a couple that add a pop of colour to your light palette. We love the Grey Gold Bee Cushion for its compact, rectangular shape. Place one on either side of the bed. 

7. Hang Mirrors On the Wall

Rather than crowding walls with busy prints, try hanging up a mirror. The reflection enhances the space you have in ways that a poster never could. To take it one step further, consider placing the mirror near a window. A round design, like the Copper Curve Mirror, will bounce beautiful, natural light around your bedroom. 

Looking for more interiors tips? Discover the biggest home decor trends for 2021 with our complete round-up. There’s good news for anyone who loves the colour yellow.

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