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7 Tricks to Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger

05 May 2021



For many of us, the living room is one of the most-used areas in our homes; ever-changing from an at-home office to a cinema room, dining area, and everything in between. So having a little extra space is always welcome, right? Follow our small living room decorating ideas to make the most of the space available. These quick and easy hacks have you covered...

1. Be Clever With Storage

Maximise space and keep clutter tucked away with clever storage solutions. From keeping all the TV remotes together to hiding the kids’ toys out of sight, the Set of 3 Geo Baskets is ideal for dotting about the room or storing under the sofa. For more heavyweight storage needs, the Bordeaux Narrow Sideboard is slim enough to fit into small living spaces, yet still hides everything behind sleek sliding doors. Mess? What mess?

2. Use a Rug to Define Spaces

Create the illusion of more square footage in your living room with a strategically placed rug. Slip under a sofa, use it to corner off a dining area or separate a coffee table from the rest of your furniture, tricking the eye into believing your living room is bigger than it actually is. The Abstract Face Illustration Rug is perfect for embracing the line illustration trend, blending in with a neutral colour palette that suits many interior styles.

3. Stack Those Shelves

Need more storage but don’t have the floor space? Build shelves into awkward nooks on the wall to create more storage potential. Stack shelves high to draw the eye upwards on the walls; a trick that makes ceilings feel higher and the room appear more spacious. If you do have room for a standing unit, opt for a lightweight frame over a heavy, bulky unit. The Calloway Bookshelf is tall and has lots of shelf space without taking up too much of the floor.

4. Create Space With Furniture

Swap bulky sofas for lithe two-seaters, loveseats and cocktail chairs, which can fit more easily into tight spaces. The Abode Charm 2 Seater Sofa also comes with exposed chair legs, showing off more space. Our quick tip for giving your living area a little breathing room: pull the sofa a couple of centimetres away from the wall. Just a small gap will help to create shadows and space, giving the illusion of a bigger living room.

5. Stick to One Colour Palette

Avoid adding too many colours into the mix when decorating a small living room, as this can shrink the space by creating a cluttered feel. Stick to one shade on the walls and don’t go too dark; a neutral colour palette will keep things light, bright and airy. That doesn’t mean your living room has to be dull. Neutral shades work with so many current interiors trends, from minimal Japandi to rustic farmhouse. Get inspired with our 5 Tips for Decorating With Dreamy Neutrals to bring small living room decorating ideas to life. 

6. Try Layering Furniture

From space-saving nest tables to tucked-away stools, layering furniture keeps an area from looking over-furnished, with the option for extra seating and side tables when needed. (Unexpected guests? No drama…) Keep the Nolan Table Set of 3 sofa-side, ready for surprise home entertaining with friends. The Black Cherry Stool is also perfect for pulling out from under a coffee table as an extra perch, yet slots away easily once everyone’s gone home. The dream.

7. Opt for Large Accessories

Forget cluttered walls. Use large scale pieces to bring bare walls to life, without feeling busy. Our Pastel Coast Frame Picture was made for art lovers, or, for a more minimal vibe, the Seville Rectangular Mirror features frame-like details similar to a window pane, reflecting the light and opening up the room. If opting for a gallery wall, keep the display to just one feature wall rather than overstyling. Leaving some blank space will keep the room feeling open and fresh, not cluttered and cramped.

Ready to try your hand at decorating another room? Discover 7 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Bigger.

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