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Create the perfect Boho bedroom with rattan furniture and luxury linens

26 Jul 2023

As a timeless material rattan furniture continues to be a hugely popular choice.

Rattan's popularity in 2023 stems from its eco-friendly nature, its ability to infuse warmth and texture into spaces, versatility in design and its compatibility with different colour palettes. 

Rattan furniture exudes a relaxed, organic and bohemian vibe that resonates with the current interior design trends. Its natural texture and welcoming tones add a touch of nature and warmth to any space, creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

Our Etienne rattan bedstead, (also available in Ivory and Double, King and Super King) is a great addition to any bedroom. Rattan's versatility allows it to seamlessly blend with a variety of design styles, from bohemian and coastal to minimalist and Scandinavian, making it a popular choice to infuse a space with a touch of natural elegance.


Rattan also looks fantastic combined with natural wood features and its neutral tones and earthy hues effortlessly blend with various colour palettes. Get the look with our Rattan 1 Drawer Side Table, and Rattan 2 Drawer Console Table.

Combine this look with our Lazy Linen bedding available in pink, sage or white. Linen bedding is a big trend for 2023 and really complements modern organic styling which is an updated take on the Scandi trend. Mix linens with natural materials, muted pastels and paired back styling. This trend will give your bed a more ‘undone’ finish – and the beauty of using linen is that it doesn’t need to be crisp and ironed.  



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