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06 Mar 2023

Like all areas of interior design, styling a bed is subject to new trends. How to dress a bed also changes with the seasons – so while you might have perfected a warming winter look, this will need to be updated for the summer. 

Here we share our tips on how to create an Instagram worthy bedscape including how to style throws, pillows, cushions and other furnishings so your bed is as on trend as the rest of your home. 

In 2023 interior trends are being dominated by how our home furnishings make us feel and contribute to our wellbeing and central to this “Take Care” theme is the bed – as our place for rest, comfort and for soothing our senses with rich textures and mood boosting colours. 

 In many bedrooms, the bed is the absolute hero of any design scheme. From anchoring the colour palette to setting the theme of ‘relaxed comfort’ or ‘smart and sharp’ more traditional styling. 

Whatever look you’re after, here are five tips from our styling team on how to make your bed visually appealing with pillows, cushions, duvets and throws – as well as how to achieve a place in the home that you can’t wait to snuggle down in after a busy day.

  • Firm foundations ‘Bed Head’ Style   

  • A well-dressed bed is more than a duvet cover and a few finishing touches. When it comes to dressing your bed – the very first place to start is the bed itself. It’s important to get the foundations right – from choosing a high-quality mattress suited to your sleep style to the best bed frame for your interior design scheme. 

    Think about what role your bed frame and headboard plays in the design effect that you are trying to create. If you’ve chosen a bold statement headboard in a luxe fabric, such as velvet, then you will need to ensure that your bedding and accessories complement this. If you’ve kept it simple with a Scandi style natural wood bedstead then you may be looking to add a more neutral colour scheme and natural textures. 



    Over-size headboards are a big trend at the moment. Achieving this look isn’t dictated by the size of a room if you choose a tall bedhead – floor to ceiling options look fabulous even in narrow rooms to draw the eye to the height of the room. To make a statement opt for velvet panelled, pleated and winged headboards (for example the Mille High Bedstead and the Tiana Pleated Bedstead) that are popular for a splash of luxury and a designer focal point in a room. 


    What’s great about a dark coloured headboard in a luxurious fabric is that you can go dark and dramatic in the winter months but add pops of colours – such as pastels or classic white when the rooms become lighter and brighter in the summer. 



    Where space allows, we’re also definitely seeing a trend in curved beds taking centre stage for their aesthetics and cocooning comfort.   

    Another strong trend coming through for 2023 is a desire to create overtly tactile spaces that celebrate comfort. Pillow-back Bed frames, with a soft oversize just-like-a-pillow headboard, are fast becoming best sellers. In a neutral linen fabric the Pillow-back is a super-filled upholstered option that captures the modern organic trend perfectly, with a softness that makes you want to sink into it after a busy day.

    2: Plump it up – we’re talking pillows  

    In line with the oversize fashions of 2023, both in clothing and interiors, pillows are aplenty for a super stylish look (and feel) when dressing a bed. 

    Something we’re seeing a lot more of among interior designers is the use of pillows over cushions to achieve an overtly relaxed organic luxe look. This works well in fabrics such as lazy linens where ironing is optional for a more laid-back look. It’s a styling option that works well with King and Super King beds – where going for five or six pillows achieves a super sumptuous centre piece. For this look always plump your pillows – yes you do still have to make your bed for a designer look - and place them over your duvet and leant upright for that boutique hotel style.



    Linen bedding is also a big trend for 2023 and really complements modern organic styling which is an updated take on the Scandi trend. Think natural materials, muted pastels and paired back styling (as seen at Maison & Objet). This trend will give your bed a more ‘undone’ finish – and the beauty of using linen is that it doesn’t need to be crisp and ironed.



    3: Terrific textures – throws and more 

    While soft fabric throws remain popular for introducing texture and layering, more and more stylists are mixing lots of more unusual fabrics that suit an overall scheme. 

    If you’re trying to replicate a 5-star hotel bedroom vibe then opt for a more structured, bedspread style throw that can be folded and laid across the end of the bed. 

    But a big bed dressing trend is a laid back and undone approach, and this is easily achieved with a mix of layers – from wool blends to linen fabric throws casually draped across your bed for a more relaxed appearance. We also love the look of faux sheepskins and furs draped over a bed - which isn’t just a look for winter. It helps to add to a Scandi vibe and works well with trending wood furniture finishes. 

    In home furnishings we’re lusting after tactility and soft luxury fabrics and the bed is a fantastic place to achieve this.

    4: New rules rule when it comes to cushions  

    While we’re big fans of the aforementioned multiple pillow look - cushions still sell in their millions and they remain an amazing way to add some va va voom to a bed. But move over matchy-matchy cushions and the ‘ratio rule’ (one, three or five co-ordinating cushions), when it comes to cushions mix it up and go for the ‘scatter’ using individual styles of cushions in lots of textures! Keep to a colour theme or adopt the dopamine colour trend and add lots of eclectic colours and patterns on the bed. 

    5: Colour clash over crisp white   

    So we know crisp white cotton will always be a favourite when it comes to dressing a bed – but for the colour confident 2023 is your year! 

    We’re seeing less ‘grey and white’ and more experimentation with new internationally inspired designs; colours we’re expecting to see in 2023 include sage greens, warm neutral and statement bold blues.  

    Dressing a bed with lots of colour – and following the trends of dopamine dressing and mood enhancing (feel good) colour trends – can easily be achieved when it comes to styling a bed. 2023’s key colours capture the nation’s desire for homes to feel happy. More vibrant, energising colours will resonate.” 

    Layering colours is a fantastic way stylists achieve depth, over a more dated trend of using the same colour duvet, pillows and base sheets. Adopting a hotel style trick - put a flat sheet over your fitted sheet and fold it over the duvet to show an additional layer of colour. Whilst it might take you a little longer to make your bed in the morning, this will really elevate the overall finish of your dressed bed, not to mention making it even more inviting at the end of the day. Just make sure whatever you choose complements your duvet cover.

    Don’t get too carried away with colour and pattern clashes when aiming for a more ‘eclectic look’, think carefully about your colour scheme – you don’t want to end up with a chaotic and cluttered finish. Try and stick to three core colours for the best results. Your colour scheme will be led by any big statement pieces in your room - for example a headboard or patterned wallpaper. Or you may have chosen to build the rest of your interior design around some statement bedding. Reversible duvet covers, for example, are extremely popular as you can easily build in extra colour and pattern by turning the top of the duvet over to reveal the contrasting pattern. 

    All white bedding has also been a popular choice for the past few years, however there is a growing trend for softer, creamier neutrals – think vanilla shades and creams – which are a bit less stark and will add warmth to the final scheme.




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