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How to Build The Ultimate Home Gaming Setup

If you or a significant person in your life loves nothing more than to pop their headset on, switch on their console and play, fight or adventure the night away, then this is the blog for you. 

We’ve pulled together a comprehensive guide on how to build the ultimate home gaming setup that you (or your lucky person) will absolutely love. And just to confirm, we won’t be talking about the techy stuff - we know you’ll probably already have that sorted.

Get comfy in the perfect chair

As any avid gamer will tell you, a good home gaming setup always starts with the perfect chair - one that you’re able to sit comfortably in for hours on end. This chair could well be the most important part of your setup, so choose wisely. 

Pick a chair that’s ergonomic and comfortable, without sacrificing the look of the space. Something like this sleek Stressless London Office Chair, which is designed to maximise comfort in a timeless style. It’s also available in a suave brown, if that better fits the setup. 

You won’t regret investing in a chair that feels and looks fantastic. It’s the essential part of your new home gaming setup.

Find the right console unit or TV stand

If the gamer in your life’s weapon of choice is a console, their home gaming setup cannot be complete without a handy console unit or TV stand to keep it on. 

Find a unit that fits with the look you’re trying to create in the room. We love this elegant marble Levanto Console Table, which will bring a contemporary feel to your home gaming setup. This table is complete with a handy shelf to store a games console on. What could be more perfect? 

For a different vibe, this striking glass Denise Console Table will give your setup an uber-modern, galactic feel. Select the table that works for your space, your console, and your gamer.

Or, find the right desk

If, on the other hand, your gamer prefers to use a PC, a console unit isn’t what you’re going to need. Instead, you’ll need a sturdy and practical (yet aesthetically pleasing) desk to support the computer, screen and everything else. 

Once again, it’s important here to find a practical piece that is able to house the technical items required, without compromising the look of your home gaming setup. This modern Orinoco Desk is perfect for concealing chunky pieces of gaming equipment, and its sleek finish will add an elegant look to any room.  

Position your monitor thoughtfully

Speaking of PC gaming, something else that’s important to consider in your home gaming setup is your monitor. More specifically, we’re talking about where your monitor, or monitors, are positioned. 

It’s important that your monitor is positioned in the right way to minimise neck and eye strain from continued use. Our advice is to ensure that it’s set slightly above eye level, which you can achieve through adjusting the mount or attaching it to the wall. Safety first!

Bring in atmospheric lights

Once you’ve got the larger furniture pieces of your home gaming setup sorted, it’s time to think about the smaller, but equally important things, like lights. 

Sitting in a room and gaming with the ‘big light’ on probably isn’t the cool, immersive environment a gamer is looking for. Instead, warm, atmospheric lights will suit the space better. 

You might like something simple and classic, like this warm Toledo Floor Light. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more out there, like this playful Jungle Silver Toucan Table Light

Take time to look for unique, cosy, funky or modern lights that work with your style and your situation. We have a range of contemporary lights on offer to inspire your search.

Get decorating

Next, let’s talk decorations. Compliment your cool home gaming setup with stylish wall art, prints, signs and decorative pieces that fit with the vibe of your space. 

We love this dark and atmospheric New York Streets Framed Print, which adds an air of cool to any space. This Change the Cards Hanging Sign would make another cool addition to a gaming space. 

Have fun with it and add some personality to your home gaming setup. This is your space, so make it yours!

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