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7 Steps to Summer Party Success

23 Jun 2022
Long hot days and warm evenings can mean only one thing: it’s summer party season. Hosting your own dinner party in summer is an exciting way to get your friends and family together and really impress with tasty food, thoughtful summer party decorations and cocktail creations that will get everyone talking.

But where do you start? We’ve pulled together a helpful guide filled with ideas for your summer dinner party. Here are 7 simple steps you can take to host an unforgettable summer party.

1. Choose an exciting theme

What sets one party apart from another is the theme, and when you’re the one doing the hosting, it’s your exciting choice to make. For your summer party, select a theme to base your decor, music, activities, food and drinks around to guide your planning and get your guests excited for a fabulously unique evening.

Whether it’s a rustic BBQ, sophisticated pool party, festival vibes, or a luxury picnic, choose a theme that gets you excited.

2. Select the perfect summer party decorations

Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to get your house and/or garden kitted out for the big day. The summer party decorations you choose will completely depend on your theme and the vibe you want to create. 

For a tropical themed summer party, you might want to decorate with plush outdoor furnishings like this Parrot and Teal Outdoor Cushion. If you’re going for a more boho picnic vibe, a cosy throw like this Ochre Motti Woven Tufted Stripe Throw might be a better fit. 

Select the summer party decorations that fit with your theme and get prepped for a fabulously sophisticated evening in the sun.

A cushion with a parrots and plants design

3. Craft a signature cocktail

At any good summer garden party, the drinks will be flowing. To make your event stand out, select a show-stopping signature drink and offer it to your guests when they arrive to set a fun themed tone for the evening. 

Get Googling to find a cocktail that fits just perfectly with your summer party plan. Make sure you have the right glasses to serve it in too. We love these Italian Silver Rim Coupe Glasses and Champagne Flutes

Remember to also offer a non-alcoholic alternative for non-drinkers and designated drivers!

4. Bring the beats outside

A key part of any party-planning process involves crafting the playlist that your guests will be grooving to all night. If your summer party is taking place in the garden, ensure you have the means to bring those tunes outside too. 

This Tabblue Bluetooth Speaker is fully portable, looks fantastic, and also doubles as a handy table, which will definitely be useful for your summer garden party. Hook up your phone and get those beats blasting.

A grey bluetooth speaker table with ornaments and sunglasses on

5. Keep it cosy

If your garden party is going as brilliantly as you’d hope, you and your guests will want it to go on for hours. But, as we all know, it can get pretty chilly on a summer evening. 

Ensure your summer party can continue well into the night by being prepared for when the sun goes in. Grab some snuggly throws and, if you want to really impress, invest in a patio heater to keep you warm all night long. This stylish Barrington Black Patio Heater suits all garden types, and gives off a warm, ambient light too. 

A black patio heater between two outdoor chairs

6. Light it up

A chill in the air isn’t the only problem when the sun goes down on your summer party. You’re also going to need some outdoor lights if you want to be able to stay out after dark. 

We have a range of really impressive outdoor lighting on offer, including this uber-modern Colour Changing Outdoor Sphere which changes colour throughout the day at the touch of a button. 

Or, this fully portable Chiswell Black Fire Lantern is always a hit. Also available in pink and ivory, these attractive lanterns make excellent summer party decorations too.

A white sphere light outdoors next to a grey rattan rocking chair

7. Say bye-bye to bugs

Any event that takes place outside in the summer is at risk of an annoying nuisance: bugs. To keep your summer party pest free, keep insect repellent and citronella candles on hand. Your guests will definitely thank you for it - trust us.

Browse our summer products for all your party essentials.

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