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The Minimalist Home: 5 Rules for a Chic Space

16 Aug 2022

If you’re a clutter-phobe who finds joy in a sleek, chic space that’s low on fuss and frills, the minimalism trend was virtually made for your home. It’s the interiors equivalent to a well tailored suit or a little black dress; a style of decor that makes rooms feel… well, roomier, while ensuring they’re easy to organise. Win-win. 

A minimalist space strips back unnecessary furniture and accessories, leaving you with a pared-down environment that feels light and airy. But how do you create the look? It’s not as simple as just having less; the minimalist home relies on these five rules…

1. Choose a Minimalist Palette

Every interior style starts with a colour palette, so choose yours carefully. Just because you’re going for a minimalist look doesn’t mean your rooms need to be devoid of warmth or brightness. Contrary to popular belief, minimal doesn’t always mean pure white walls; but it does mean going for a more tonal approach by layering colours in similar shades. 

You could team minimal light walls with one accent wall in a muted hue, such as sun-drenched taupe, forest green or elegant navy. But remember: the hue you choose for this accent will set the tone for the accessories you add later, so you’ll need to ensure it’s versatile. If you want to go down the more traditional minimalist route, stick to pale hues with a touch of a tint. Think dove greys, delicate beiges and warm tans against strokes of white. 

2. Opt for Furniture with Clean Lines and Maximum Storage

Minimalist furniture can go one of two ways: either you can opt for sleek greys and cool metallics, or you can lean into Scandi-inspired light woods for that pared-back look. What they both have in common is clean lines, whether you’re adding the Aubrey 3 Seater Sofa to your living room, or the Ercol Monza 5 Drawer Wide Chest to your bedroom. The trick is to choose pieces with no extra ‘volume’, meaning sofas in straighter, boxier (but still comfy) shapes, and storage that eschews ornate handles and detailing in favour of chic, functional stylings. 

Ercol has this look perfected if you crave warm woods in your home, Sits is ideal for on-trend sofas, while Cattelan Italia and our own living collections feature decor to match a minimal mood. Ensure the furniture you pick comes with plenty of storage, too, as you’ll need it to keep your belongings organised. Think carefully about the space and dimensions you need to maintain a neat space, then shop for sideboards, coffee tables and wardrobes that will maximise your tidying potential.

3. Keep Surfaces (Mostly) Clear

Everything has its place in the minimalist home, so no clutter should be found on surfaces. That means packing away unwanted magazines and editing down your collection of vases, candles and photo frames. (All the more reason to follow the tip above and invest in larger storage.) Your space doesn’t need to be empty, but every item on display should have an aesthetical purpose, whether that’s reinforcing the colour palette or attracting the eye with contrasting shapes. Look to ‘fluid’, rounded accessories that are juxtaposed against the clean lines of your furniture, like the Boucle Knot Cushion (great for cosying up your sofa) or the Black Donut Vase (no flowers needed). If you want to enhance the airiness of the room, you could also place a little greenery in the Large Black and Gold Stand Planter. Research oxygen-releasing plants to really set the vibe – a must-have for work from home set-ups.

4. Inject a Few Personal Touches

Your minimalist home should still express your personality, so embrace decor upgrades that feel special to you, and say something about who you are. The easiest way to do this is with photographs. Rather than placing lots of small frames around the room, opt for larger prints that create a focal point, such as a black and white wedding snap in a black frame. A gallery wall displaying moments that matter is also a great pick. However, rather than mixing and matching frames (as seen in most gallery walls), go for the same size and colour, placing them side by side for an elegant feel. 

5. Keep Your Choice of Materials Consistent

Just as your minimalist colours should work in harmony, your choice of materials should also feel consistent. No clashing of velvet and fur and cotton and boucle here. Say you’re working with a minimalist living room and have a fabric sofa on display; you should aim to complement the cotton, linen or tweed with your pick of cushions and throws. One easy way to stay on top of materials is to choose just three that work together well, then let these flow from your curtains to your rugs to your sofa. Minimal styling made simple. 

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