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7 Stylish Summer Home Decor Trends

18 May 2022

Warmer weather is well on its way which means it’s time to get thinking about how we can refresh our homes for summer. This year, there’s a whole range of unique and varied summer home decor trends that are getting us excited. From boho summer decorations to the trending dark academia look, these are the summer trends to embrace this year.

1. Organic, earthy tones and textures

Natural and earthy tones and textures are never going out of fashion, which makes them the perfect summer decor trend that will transform your home for the season. 

For a timeless and natural look that will bring a unique freshness to your home for summer, introduce minimalist yet cosy furniture, plush earthy cushions and snuggly throws. 

Our impressive XL Bellano Sofa makes embracing this trend so simple. Pair it with delicate decorative cushions like the Dune Blush Tassel Cushion for a complete natural look.

2. Boho summer decorations

A trend that’s taking summer home decor by storm is bold, iconic boho summer decorations that will bring a new lease of life (and a splash of style) to any area of your home. 

We’re talking decorative soft furnishings like this beautifully textured Ochre Boho Throw and this unique geometric Monterey Tassel Boho Cushion. They’re the perfect additions to your home this summer.

3. Dark academia

If light and neutral tones aren’t your thing, then you’re going to love the romanticism of the dark academia trend in your home for summer. 

While not an obviously ‘summery’ trend, the dark academia look embraces natural-inspired colours, vintage furniture pieces and the occasional burst of colour that make it a trend that’s perfect for the new season. This look has been taking social media by storm, and it’s one that we think you’re going to love too. 

Our Chantilly Buttoned Large Sofa embodies many of the qualities of the dark academia trend. Pair it with eclectic cushions to complete the look.

4. 50 Shades of Green

If you want to embrace on-trend and uber-Instagrammable summer home decor this season, it’s time to bring in some green. More specifically, we’re talking about naturally inspired greens like sage, olive and mint. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Add a hint of tasteful green to your home this summer with soft furnishings like this Emerald Embroidered Honey Bee Cushion and this super soft Oregon Forest Throw.

5. Pops of Colour

Adding bold splashes of colour to your home for the warmer months is nothing new, but it’s undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to embrace a new summer home decor look. Introduce pops of colour with eye-catching home accessories, summer decorations and unique design pieces that will get noticed. 

We love this Neon Babe Bulb for bringing a bold splash of colour to a room. This Ombre Elise Tropical Sunset Glass Vase is another iconic piece that will bring a summery feel to your space.

6. Lush Green Spaces

Fresh and leafy living spaces is an ongoing trend that’s only going to get bigger, because nothing says summer like lush greenery and plant centrepieces.

Embrace this trend by accessorising your home with a range of leafy plants of different sizes and green shades. 

If keeping plants alive isn’t your forte, we’ve got you covered with our range of impressive artificial indoor plants.

7. Minimalist Scandi Vibes

Scandinavian decor has dominated the interior design world for years now, and for good reason. The classic, minimalist look opens up spaces and brings a fresh and clean atmosphere to homes, which is what also makes it the perfect summer home decor trend to embrace this year.

Bring sleek, Scandi vibes to your home with a Pluto Dining Table. Or, for a different take on the modern, minimalist look, you might like these iconic Cattelan Italia Magda Chairs.

Get your home summer ready with our new summer collection.

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