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7 Autumn Decor Trends You’re Bound to Fall For

08 Sep 2022

It’s easy to fall in love with autumn. The warm colours, the crisp weather and the first opportunity to get all cosy at home make it an exciting time of year - as well as the perfect time to embrace a new look in your space. 

There are few things more satisfying than making subtle (and some not-so-subtle) changes to your home’s decor in preparation for the new season. And no, we’re not talking about whipping out the pumpkins and the Halloween decorations. 

Autumnal decor is all about earthy colours, luxurious textures and timeless materials. Get ready for the new season with these autumn home decor trends we think you’re going to love.

1. Warm, earthy tones

Natural, earthy tones have been becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years, and this autumn you’re only going to see more of them.

Warm, neutral colours bring an element of tranquillity into any home, making it the ultimate autumnal decor trend to embrace this season. 

Introduce a warming colour palette to your space with cosy soft furnishings, like this luxurious Jasper Ochre Throw. Or, go all out with this signature Bellano Snuggler chair (puppy not included!), accessorised with plush cushions in natural greens, creams and rusts. 

2. Mixed textures

Experimenting with textures in your space is an autumn home decor trend we can’t get enough of. Soft, velvety cushions paired with chunky knitted throws will add dimension to your room, as well as an extra level of comfort to your sofa!

This iconic Tassel and Pom-Pom Ginger Accent Cushion fits the bill perfectly for this autumn decor trend. Pair it with unique designs like this Crescent Ivory Embroidered Cushion and play around with mixing different textures.

3. Natural wood

To fit in with the booming neutral colour autumnal decor trend, natural wood furniture is making a comeback. Wooden furniture never really goes out of fashion, and it’s the ideal material to embrace for the new season to introduce a sense of calm and airy neutrality to your home.

It’s the lighter shades of wood in particular that are taking the home decor world by storm. Pieces like this stylish yet practical Davenport TV Unit, or this boho Rattan 12 Drawer Chest are on-trend must-haves this autumn.

4. Touches of gold

We’ve already mentioned the growing popularity of embracing warm, neutral colours in the home this season. One colour that fits perfectly into this autumn decor look - while also adding a touch of luxury - is gold.

Gold is timeless, and it’s an on-trend addition that looks stunning with the backdrop of an earthy colour palette.

Embrace a pop of gold with attention-grabbing prints like this Depeche Mode Wall Art with its dramatic gold frame, this modern Gold Round Square Mirror, or even this cheeky Jungle Gold Toucan Table Light.

5. Velvet

As we mentioned above, mixing textures is all the rage this autumn, and one material in particular is standing out above the rest: velvet.

The homeliness and versatility of velvet upholstery make it a relatively easy element to embrace within your autumnal decor. It’s also one that you can subtly introduce to your space without disrupting the vibe you’ve already curated.

Whether you keep it simple and add a Blush Velvet Cushion, or transform your dining space with these statement Alberta Chairs, velvet is undeniably one of this year’s hottest autumn decor trends. 

6. Elegant marble

Marble furniture has been popular for years, so it’s not exactly an innovative autumn home decor trend. It is, however, a timeless material that we’re continuing to see furnishing the most stylish homes this season.

You can introduce marble into your home in a rather subtle way by embracing unique marble accessories like this classic Marble Effect Drinks Tray, or totally transform a room with a bold piece like this Cattelan Italia Eliot Keramit Table. When it comes to marble, the possibilities are almost endless. 

7. Jewel tones

If an earthy and neutral colour palette isn’t really your vibe, you’re in luck. Jewel tones are another autumn home decor trend that’s making waves in the wonderful world of home decor. 

Undeniably autumnal jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red and citrine yellow bring warmth and depth to a space, making them ideal for the new season. Embrace this look with this distinctive Citrine Jewel Wall Clock and Emerald Embroidered Honey Bee Cushion.

To get your home Autumn ready, browse our latest furniture and homeware arrivals.

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