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6 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for a Soothing Space

23 Sep 2022

You don’t need to be an interior design expert to know that crowded, jumbled and miss-matched living spaces make for stressful environments where it’s difficult to feel calm. The age-old principles of feng shui seek to remedy this, offering practical guidance on how to create harmonious spaces in your home.

Your bedroom is one of the places where it’s most essential to create a tranquil, soothing atmosphere. These 6 feng shui bedroom tips will help you design the perfect place to relax, recharge and sleep soundly.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects and furniture in a certain way to achieve balance and harmony. It comes from the words “feng”, which means wind, and “shui” which means water. It’s all about helping people generate the right energy in a certain space. 

According to the rules of feng shui, bedrooms should be ‘yin’ places, which are places of calm and tranquillity. Following the guidance of feng shui can help you achieve this in your home.

1. Position your bed to create a sense of security

An essential feng shui bedroom tip you should follow to create a relaxing space involves the position of your bed. This might even be something you can change right now. 

The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in feng shui. It’s the place where you sleep, which is a time when you’re most susceptible to the energies around you.

To create that sense of security, your bed should be in a commanding position. This means it should be pointing towards the door, but not positioned directly in front of it.

Ideally, your bed should be situated diagonally from the door, against a strong supporting wall, to help you feel safe and secure. If you take anything from this article, this is the most important feng shui bedroom tip to follow.

2. Get a strong headboard

Another way to contribute to this feeling of security is to ensure your bed has a solid, sturdy headboard. Ideally, this headboard should also be made of wood, which relates to nature as it supports your body. 

Something like this Atelier High End Bed fits the bill perfectly, incorporating neutral colours and a sturdy frame that will help you feel comfortable and secure when you sleep. 

3. Embrace a calming colour scheme

Colour schemes play a really important role in feng shui, with different colours representing drastically different energies. Red invites luck and prosperity, pink invites love and self-care, and purple is connected to luxury.

To create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom, you’ll want to embrace calming and supportive colours. A good feng shui bedroom incorporates the shades you would find in nature, like beiges, browns, peaches and neutral greens. A gentle colour scheme will help your space become more relaxing. Too many bright colours can upset the balance of the room.

The soft texture and gentle colours of this Lazy Linen Duvet Cover make it ideal for a soothing bedroom. It’s also available in a dusty pink, which, according to the rules of feng shui, also adds a loving and intimate touch. 

4. Say goodbye to distracting electronics

To achieve good feng shui in your bedroom, it’s time to say goodbye to phones, laptops and TVs in your sleeping space. Electrical devices emit energy that can disrupt your sleep, which is the last thing you want in a calming bedroom environment. 

It’s especially problematic if your bedroom is also your workspace, because this makes it difficult to achieve true calm and turn off after the working day.

If you have no choice but to make your bedroom your office, do your best to separate the two elements. You can achieve this by tidying away your work tech after each day, and using a room divider or bookcase to section off that part of the room. 

5. Invest in a supportive mattress

Any feng shui bedroom tip is ultimately about helping you get a great night’s sleep. A key element of that is ensuring you have the right mattress. This means the mattress must provide ultimate comfort (of course) but also ample space to separate yourself from the outside world, whether it’s just you or if you share your bed with a partner. 

There are lots of different types of mattresses to choose from, and have a range of options on offer here at Arighi Bianchi. Explore your options to find the perfect fit for your soothing feng shui bedroom.

6. Reduce clutter

Our final but equally essential feng shui bedroom tip is to de-clutter like your life depends on it. Mess and clutter create stress and, according to the laws of feng shui, disrupt the natural flow of energy through a room. 

To create a soothing space in your bedroom, do your best to remove as much “unnecessary stuff” as possible and tidy away everything that’s left.

To achieve this, you might need to invest in some new storage options. Under-the-bed storage is always useful for this, or even a spacious blanket box (like this Madeira Blanket Box) to keep all your knick-knacks out of sight. 

Follow these 6 essential feng shui bedroom tips to reduce stress, enhance your sleep, and create a soothing space in your home.
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