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Halloween Home Decor Ideas That are Scarily Stylish

05 Oct 2022

Halloween is on the horizon and if you’re planning on getting into the holiday spirit, it’s about time to think about ways you can incorporate Halloween home decor into your space.

And no, we’re not just talking about jack o'lanterns and plastic spiders. We’re talking about the sort of Halloween home decor that brings an unmistakably autumnal vibe to your home in a tasteful and unique way. (We’re not saying we won’t be carving pumpkins as well, though!)   

Here are 7 Halloween home decor ideas that are scarily stylish and endlessly iconic.

1. Brings the colours of autumn inside

Autumn and Halloween go hand in hand. Incorporating the iconic colours of the season into your home in these cooler months brings a warming and unquestionably autumnal feel to any space, making it an ideal way to embrace the Halloween spirit. 

Keep it simple by swapping out some more summery cushions with those of warm oranges, burnt umbers, and the distinctive colours you find in nature in the autumn. Something like this plush Meridian Velvet Cushion or this Abstract Terracotta Cushion will do the trick. 

Or, try something a bit different with this aptly-named Romance Pumpkin Footstool for an unique Halloween-y feel. This type of statement piece creates an elegant Halloween home decor feel that will get you noticed.

2. Introduce black accent accessories

Any Halloween home decor look must include black and orange: it’s basically the law. When you’re going for a more subtle Halloween vibe, a tasteful way to incorporate the black shade is to bring in some statement black accessories.

These signature Marble Effect Trays are a great way to introduce a Halloween-y feel, and this unique Black and Gold Flower Bloom Bowl has a subtly mysterious vibe that’s just perfect for the season.

Unique, black accent accessories are spooky without being anywhere near tacky. They’re the perfect Halloween home decor idea to get you into the spirit. 

3. Get your Halloween sweeties on hand and on display

Nothing says Halloween like a big, tempting bowl of sweets and chocolates by the front door, ready for any eager trick-or-treaters. Take this tradition and give it a stylish makeover by storing those sweets in a decorative glass jar, like this Brown Glass Storage Jar. It’s practical and looks great, which is the ideal combo for your Halloween decor vibe. 

4. Embrace cosy, atmospheric lighting

As the nights draw in over the autumn months, it’s more important than ever to have the right lighting. We’re talking about lighting that feels warm, homely and - for Halloween - a little bit spooky. 

Halloween season is the ideal time to try something a little bit out there. For the perfect Halloween home decor look, why not try a black, industrial light, like this Moreton Black Wall Light? Or, this statement Black Wood & Antique Tripod Floor Lamp might be just what you’re looking for. 

5. Find your autumn fragrance with the perfect candle

Candles are essential for Halloween home decor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they contribute to that cosy, warming lighting we just mentioned. Secondly, they bring a fragrance to a space that is distinct to the season. 

This Dark Rum Candle and this Fir Balsam Black Candle will fill the room with fresh and comforting fragrances you’ll love. 

Or, for a different and even more Halloween-y look, why not try some retro candlesticks and holders like this Brown Bubble Swirl Candle Holder. Top tip for Halloween: let the candle wax drip down for a scarily stylish look.

6. Set the scene with autumn flowers

Just because it’s getting a bit colder, it doesn’t mean that flowers have no place in the home in autumn. Finding the right bouquet of autumnal flowers is a brilliant way to create a feeling of freshness in the home. Embrace flowers in warm reds, oranges and yellows to bring some of the colourful outdoors into your home. 

Adapt this look to work perfectly for Halloween by pairing your bouquet with a statement vase like this Grey Allure Wave Vase or this unique Black Eminent Sphere Vase.

7. Impress with signature glassware

A simple Halloween home decor idea that is really easy to embrace this season is introducing some decorative glassware to your kitchen and dining spaces. We’re talking glamorous glasses and dark-tinted tableware like these Smoke Grey Geometric Wine Glasses and Atlas Coaster Set, which are also perfect for serving up a tasty Halloween-themed cocktail.  

It’s the little touches that can make the biggest impact when it comes to contemporary Halloween home decor.

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