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6 Christmas Home Decor Ideas to Deck Your Halls

23 Nov 2022

Christmas is around the corner which means it’s almost time to clamber up to the loft, dust off the old boxes of Christmas decorations and get the house looking and feeling festive. It’s one of our favourite bits!

Tinsel, baubles and fairy lights will always have their place when you’re decorating your home, but sometimes it’s nice to embrace something new, a Christmas home decor look that’s soooo now. 

We’ve pulled together some inspiration for unique and tasteful ways to embrace all things festive in your home this Christmas. Here are 6 Christmas home decor ideas we think you’re going to love.

1. Add a touch of gold

When it comes to decorating your house for the festive period, certain colour schemes just scream Christmas, without being over the top or tacky. Elegant gold is at the top of that list.

To embrace a touch of gold in your Christmas home decor, seek out subtle accessories and decorations like this Set of 4 Italia Gold Flute Champagne Glasses which will add a luxurious vibe to your dining table. 

Or, be fun with it and bring out some unique, glistening gold feature pieces, like these adorable Gold Cuddly Bears. Used sparingly and tastefully, gold accessories will make a glamorous addition to your home decor this Christmas.

2. Decorate with wreaths

Gone are the days when a wreath could live on your front door and nowhere else. Now, you can put one anywhere that needs a little bit of festive life injected into it. 

A wreath is the ultimate Christmas decoration for a living room, bedroom, hallway or even utility room. They bring a freshness and pop of colour that is unmistakably festive. Experiment with your wreath placement to upgrade your home this Christmas.  

If you’d prefer an evergreen, low-maintenance faux wreath, we’ve got you covered there too, with a range of styles to match the look of your space. 

3. Introduce festive fragrances

Embracing a Christmassy feel in your home isn’t just about the visuals. Almost as important is the fragrance, which can turn a cool, neutral room into a cosy and unquestionably festive space. 

The easiest way to introduce Christmassy smells to your home is with carefully selected candles, which also add a warming light. This Cinnamon & Orange Candle and this Nutmeg & Ginger Spice Candle will take your mind straight to cosy nights by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Or, if you prefer to mix and match, why not try different fragrances using an electric diffuser, like this Grey Modern Mist Diffuser. 

4. Reimagine the traditional Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the pinnacle of Christmas home decor - it goes without saying. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be reimagined for a contemporary home. 

Alongside your main tree (or perhaps even instead of), why not try out a more modern alternative, like this pretty Rattan Light Up Tree Set, or this wintery LED Champagne Twig Tree. Something like this delicate Tree Candle Holder would make a nice wintery addition.

Decorating your home for the festive season is your opportunity to try something new and be experimental. Have fun with it! 

5. Keep things cosy with snuggly throws

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without snuggling up with friends and family, watching Christmas films and (hopefully) keeping cosy while snow is falling outside. Create this warm atmosphere by layering your sofa with fluffy throws that you can’t help but wriggle under. 

Even better, embrace throws with a festive colour scheme of reds, greens and caramels. This super soft Green Snuggle Throw should do the trick, or browse our wide range of throws to find one that suits your home and your Christmas home decor look.

6. Embrace subtle festive touches

When you’re decorating your home, there are some things that are meant to really stand out, like an impressively tall Christmas tree covered with colourful lights, or an iconic table centrepiece. There are other things that are much more subtle, but also make a significant impact on the vibe of your home decor at Christmas.

To enhance your Christmas decorations this year, embrace those smaller, more subtle pieces. Neutral-toned, delicate ornaments like this Mary, Joseph and Jesus Nativity and this beautiful Gold Star Nativity make all the difference.

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