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How to Add Mood-Boosting Colour to Your Home

25 Jan 2021

Right now, we could all do with a boost of brightness in our everyday lives. It’s no wonder, then, that adding colour to your home is one of 2021’s biggest decor trends. You don’t need to paint or redecorate to embrace a bolder palette; all you need are the right accessories and a few select statement pieces of furniture. 
Here, we reveal six colours to embrace for an instant mood boost under your own roof. From calming blues to sunny yellows, there’s a shade to update every room in your home...

1. Energising Orange

If you’re struggling to stay awake or strike up enthusiasm for working from home, try adding this bold hue to your home office. It might just give you the boost you need. Because it’s a strong hue, choose simple accents like cushions to inject a bright burst of orange. The Geometric Orange Cushion or Miami Orange Cushion will make your desk chair extra comfortable.

2. Soothing Blue

Sky blues and oceanic azures are the definition of calm. That’s why we recommend adding this cool, soothing palette to relaxing areas, like the living room or bedroom. A powder blue sofa, like the Big Softy Corner Sofa, is cosy in colour and structure, while the Sundance Light Blue Tempur Linear Ottoman sets a soothing tone to help you sleep.

3. Sunny Yellow

Not only is yellow one of Pantone’s 2021 Colours of the Year; it’s also said to make you feel happier and brighter. What could be better than that? Go for zingy citrus yellows to get the most out of this trending shade, opting for the Bee Yellow Cushion and Matte Mustard Metal Pendant to liven up neutral or grey interiors. For a bolder take, place the dandelion Orla Kiely Linden Snuggler in your living room to balance an otherwise-muted suite. It’s the ultimate statement piece.


4. Calming Pink

If blue isn’t your colour but you’re looking to embrace a halcyon vibe at home, consider pink. It’s said to be similarly soothing if you choose a pale or dusky tone. The rosy Chicory Bedstead invites a sense of calm into your bedroom, helping you unwind at night. Meanwhile, the Spink & Edgar Harlow Grand Sofa creates the sitting area of Instagram dreams. 

5. Restorative Green

It’s believed that green can relieve stress and quiet a busy mind. It symbolises nature, safety and healing – plus it makes a great accent shade against grey or blue interiors. Incorporate the colour through plants and accessories placed on shelves, sofas and sideboards. Some of our go-to green items include the Bee Emerald Cushion, Green Tillandsia Potted Plant and Fontana Green Dining Chair.


6. Comforting Grey

If grey is your favourite interiors colour, you might be onto something. The muted hue is thought to instill comfort and create a more peaceful space. However, keep in mind that darker shades can also make a room appear smaller. Try offsetting deeper tones with lighter, brighter greys to create a more open feel. For example, if you’re looking for a grey bed, try the Tempur Genoa Adjustable Bedstead, which comes with a plush headboard in a soft pewter shade. The Sirius 3 Seater Sofa is the ultimate grey velvet sofa, giving you a snug place to curl up at the end of a long day. 


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