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Shop and style our Berkeley Bedding with Lydia from @home.ideology!

18 Oct 2019

There’s nothing better than getting into fresh, crisp new bedding after a long hard day. That’s why our AB Berkeley Bedding Collection – which has a 400 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton – is the perfect addition to your bedroom this Autumn. With its polar white cotton finish and rich, warm grey three-stitched edging; you’ll feel like your sleeping in a hotel room every night of the week!

With a choice of three pillow sizes and finishes – Oxford, Oxford Square and Housewife  - you can go all out like Lydia, or tone it down and opt for a more subtle look. Seen above, Lydia has chose to use all three pillow options, placing the Oxford Square at the back to provide some height to the look. She has then gone on to layer the Oxford and Housewife in front to give that sense of luxury…I mean who wouldn’t want to jump into that bed right!?

The great thing about our crisp white Berkeley Bedding set, is that accessorising it is so easy! The option to change with the season or even your mood without having to invest in new bedding is not only fun, but also proves that it is the perfect investment for all year round! This season however, it’s all about getting cosy and layering up textures. Lydia has draped our ‘Alaska Silver Faux Fur Throw’ on the end of her bed to add warmth and style; ready for those incoming colder evenings. Our bestselling ‘Bee Silver Cushions’ and ‘Mongolian Monument Cushions’ are then added to finish off the look and really give that sense of glamour.

Want to find out more about how Lydia chose and styled this look? Well, head over to her blog for the full Bed Linen Buying Guide!

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