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Theres lots of bold colour in this years interiors! UK PhotoStyling: 2018 Furniture Show Report

28 Jan 2018

Hi! It's Paula and Andrew here, photographer and stylist from PhotoStyling. We've just arrived back from three of the major European interior trade shows, Paris, Cologne, and Birmingham. On behalf of Arighi Bianchi, we're here to share a few of 2018 hottest interior trends soon to be gracing our homes!

This is not a shy year for colour! The three outstanding hues that stole the show at every fair we attended were Dusky Pink, Cornflower blue and Sage Green.

Take a look below to see how amazing they look on furniture and home accessories.


Dusky Pink

We saw this very feminine shade paired with metal, wood and black accessories, which has given us a completely new look. We just love it!

Cornflower Blue
Blue is still going strong and we especially saw this de-saturated pale blue shade everywhere in Cologne, Paris, and Birmingham. We are calling it cornflower blue! What would you call it?

Sage Green

2017 was a huge year for green shades and 2018 won't be any different. When matched with palm leaf accessories - another strong trend for 2018 -, it makes any home feel fresh, laid-back and exotic.


Mix them together!

The great thing about these three colours - dusky pink, sage green and cornflower blue - is that you can have no fear of mixing them together. Have some fun, take a look at the photos below for inspiration and go for it!

Paula Siqueira (Co-Author)

Paula Siqueira is a professional photographer based in East London. She loves to photograph everything related to home, family and children - make sure you check her interior design photography at

Andrew Durham (Co-Author)

Andrew Durham is a visual merchandise consultant based in London with 30 years of retail experience, ten of those helping to make Arighi Bianchi the beautiful store we all know and love. Check out his work at

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