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5 Ways to Try the Tropical Trend in Your Home

07 Jul 2021

To some people, embracing a tropical home interior scheme may seem a little incongruous in cold, grey and drizzly UK. And to others, that’s the whole point. As recent outdoor conditions have shown us, Britain is more than capable of putting on a scorching display from time to time. That – combined with the escapism many of us are craving right now – helps make tropical décor arrangements feel like an even more natural choice. 

So, we’re not going to shame you for secretly wishing you owned a private Caribbean island – who doesn’t? Instead, let’s help you bring that sizzling spirit into your current abode, with these five fun ways to infuse your home with the tropical trend.

Pop Plants Around Your Home

First up: greenery. Adding some plants to your home is an easy way of giving each room that slightly more verdant feel. And with our comprehensive range of artificial plants and botanicals, whether you’re drawn to hanging plants, a cactus green and red mix in a glass vase, or even a succulent mix in steel, we’re confident we’ll have just the thing for you. Place on or near bookshelves, tables, window sills – anywhere that would benefit from a botanical upgrade.

Strive for Balance with Your Décor Scheme

Putting together the perfect tropical home interior design isn’t just about reaching for all of those random items you think ‘could work’ in such a scheme, and hoping they actually do. That’s because, even when you’re aiming to evoke thoughts of the wild, you’ll still want a certain level of harmony and order from one space to the next. 

One good tip is to initially think of the areas in a given space that will represent the ‘foundation’, and which ones will provide the ‘statement’. You might, for instance, have plain walls and furniture in relatively organic hues, but be more adventurous with themed accessories to draw the eye, such as flamingo coasters, orangutan bookends and toucan pot hangers

Introduce a Vibrant Theme Wall

One relatively straightforward way to set out a strong tropical décor theme is with the introduction of a tropical-inspired wall. It could incorporate wallpaper based on pineapples, coconuts or bamboo, perhaps complemented with wall art such as this large framed pink flamingo picture or pastel coast image.

Play with Different Colour Juxtapositions

When aiming for that lush ‘jungle’ aesthetic, it may seem inevitable to you that your tropical décor scheme will be replete with generous lashings of green. But it’s far from the only hue that belongs to the tropical trend. In any case, if you don’t experiment with contrasting and complementary colours, the overall look may end up being ‘decked out in emerald’ rather than ‘fascinating vegetation’.

That’s why it’s well worth browsing our store for the many captivating items and accessories in other colours that could add a lot of interest to your all-round tropical scheme. Those might include our tropical cushions in earthy colourways, such as Olive, Emerald and Blush. For an even more overtly tropical aesthetic, we have great fringed botanical print and emerald palm patterned cushions, too. 

Give Internal Spaces an Outdoor Vibe

If you’re considering the tropical trend for your home, it goes without saying that you’ll wish to infuse your spaces with the seductiveness of nature. 

So you may be drawn to ways of blurring the boundaries between internal and external parts of your home; think investing in items ranging from this small tiger head candle and elephant shaped candle to rattan and wooden trays that are designed to work as well outside as they do indoors. 

As you can see from the examples above, you don’t necessarily need to go ‘all out’ when implementing the tropical trend in your home – it might even be best if you don’t, given how easy it is to ‘overdo’ this aesthetic. Instead, seek out the touches – both big and small – that will tastefully introduce that ‘palm-tree island getaway’ style to your property, while not neglecting everyday practicality. 

Up next: Discover 7 more decor ideas to make your home feel summery.

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