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Why we can't get enough of Sicily


Sicily, the Mediterranean's largest island, brims with culture, history, and natural splendour. From the stunning beaches of Taormina to the bustling streets of Palermo, there's something truly enchanting about this Italian gem. Sicily's charm lies in its diversity and its rich history, shaped by Greek, Roman, Arab, and Norman influences, is visible in its architecture, traditions, and food. The warmth of the Sicilian people, along with the island’s scenic beauty and cultural wealth, creates an irresistible attraction. Here's why we can't get enough of Sicily, along with some insider-style places to go and things to do:


Perched on a rocky headland high above the sea, Taormina was recently made famous by the television's The White Lotus. However, this historical seaside town has been popular with tourists for hundreds of years, and it's easy to see why - its breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, make it a paradise for beach lovers. But Taormina, nicknamed the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, offers more than just sun and sand, it's also home to charming streets, historic landmarks, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Don't miss the town’s ancient hillside theatre with a clear view of a smoking volcano in the distance.


Palermo, one of the most beautiful and authentic Italian cities, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and stunning architecture. Explore the bustling streets lined with outstanding historic buildings, visit the iconic Palermo Cathedral, and marvel at the stunning Norman Palace. For a memorable experience, watch the sunset over Palermo at Seven Restaurant, offering panoramic city views, or try local street food in the historic markets.

Beyond the Beaches

While Sicily is renowned for its beautiful beaches, there's much more to discover beyond the coast. Explore the charming streets of Catania, and wander through quaint Mediterranean villages that seem frozen in time. Take a boat tour to explore the stunning coastline, or take an Italian cooking class and discover Sicily's culinary heritage. For lovers of architecture and history, Ragusa and Noto are must-visit destinations. Ragusa Ibla, the old town, is known for its many baroque buildings, like the Duomo di San Giorgio, a grand church with paintings and stained-glass windows. Noto is celebrated for its stunning golden-hued buildings which shine like gold in the sunset.

Culinary Delights

Sicily's food and wine scene is as vibrant as its culture. Indulge in a granita with brioche for breakfast from a street café, savour traditional cannoli as you watch people go about their lives, or sample local street food from the bustling markets. Don't miss the chance to try the native vines and visit one of the island's many wineries.

Sicily’s magic lies in its contrasts: the blend of ancient and modern, the mix of cultures, and the combination of rugged landscapes and serene beaches. It’s a place where history comes to life, every meal is a celebration, and visitors are greeted with genuine hospitality. Whether you like to explore the cities, hike the mountains, or relax on a beach, Sicily won’t fail to deliver.

As part of Arighi Bianchi’s Postcards from Sicily, we will feature curated Sicilian products, special events, and a unique menu in Caffè AB. Visit us in-store to bring home a piece of Sicily's magic today.

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