Sustainability At AB

At Arighi Bianchi, we are eager to work towards lowering our carbon footprint, playing our part in reaching net-zero, and creating a future for the next generations.

We've been making huge strives towards our goals, here's how...



We always try to group deliveries together and create the most effective route... a perk of having our own delivery team. Choosing the most efficient route will cut down on transport emissions, which is exactly what we want! Our delivery team also send all packaging back to CABs (Our services department) to be reused on other furniture! And any old furniture removed from your home is brought back and donated to different charities where it can be loved again.

Our aim for the future is to progress to the use of an electric fleet of vans when delivering locally. Inevitably building new vehicle charging points at our warehouses... which will be free for customer use when picking up an order!