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4 ways you can add the Hygge look to your home.

A Hygge home is a refreshing, brightening space with a calming atmosphere to think and reflect. The environment should be a stress-free zone with a restricted colour palette to the scene. Anything with a relaxing vibe is what Hygge is all about. Read on to discover how you can transform your home into a zen place for you and your family.

Neutral Colour Scheme

A neutral colour scheme is the basics for transforming your home. Using minimalistic tones is a great way to create a natural bright atmosphere with very little clutter on show around your home. Using warm neutral tones such as creams and beiges are a great way to give the home feel a sense of Hygge. Each room could incorporate these colours with small additions such as accessories, paint, furniture and rugs. Cushions and throws create a warm feel to the space, whilst walls are white to match or contrast the accessories and extra features of the room.


Textures are a great way to introduce Hygge to your home; with rugs, throws and cushions. A geometric pattern goes great with the minimal look due to the darker patterns standing out from the white neutral tones of the room. Sofas, carpets and all lounge accessories are a soft fabric so the space can be a place of zen. The textures will create a zone of relaxation to destress the mind after a long day’s work. Throws are a great way to dress any living room or bedroom to warm to space up in the winter, or just a great feature for a quiet night in maintaining the relaxing, cosy theme of Hygge.


Lighting is a great way to help create the perfect atmosphere in your hygge home. Increase the natural lighting in your home by opening up window frames; removing any dark or heavy curtains/blinds and replace with lighter tones and textures. Candles can dress the room for a more relaxing environment or just some ambience whilst you’re relaxing around the home! The warm lighting emits a homely and snug feel to your Hygge home and can also inject a soothing fragrance into the space. Another great way to add lighting to your home is a string of delicate fairy lights wrapped around smaller pieces of furniture or hanging around a shelf or picture frame.

Natural Elements

Natural elements such as plants and books are great accessories to include into your new Hygge way of living. Plants give the whole room a great natural, botanical feel aside with the natural lighting for a much lighter spacious atmosphere. Books are a great way to detox your mind from social media and the internet. With the additional lighting, textures and fresh plants the space will open up to create an amazing space to think and relax either alone or with loved ones. Having a Hygge home is all about how you feel and the impact it will have on mindfulness.




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