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5 Lighting Ideas for a Living Room Glow-Up

As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, the living room has high expectations when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. So how can you create a relaxing atmosphere with your living room lighting? Read on for our complete guide to giving the space a glow-up.  ?

But, First: Let’s Talk Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting

It’s important to know the differences between ambient (overhead), task and accent lighting, so you can ‘layer’ the lighting in your living room effectivelyThis, in turn, gives you a foundation to experiment with all manner of fun living room lighting ideas. 

In short, ambient – or overhead – lighting provides your room’s overall illumination, while task lighting directs light at specific areas of the room, such as desks where you and your household may need to perform work tasks. Finally, accent lighting draws attention to treasured features like works of art on the wall, or decorative ornaments on the shelf. 

So, now that you have your ‘layers’ down, what’s next? The answer: it’s time to have fun, with some of the below imaginative light ideas for the living room. 

1. Experiment With Scale

The oft-shared “conventional wisdom” in interior design is that you should be wary of adding an especially large piece of decor to a space, in case it overwhelms everything else next to it. But lighting is one of the few aspects of living room interior decor where bigger often is better, and may even help make a space look larger. A large-scale floor lamp such as the  Matt Indigo Domed Metal Pendant or Camilla Nickel And Black Floor Light could therefore be just the thing for tying everything together. And don’t forget to play with other aspects of scale, light and shadows with the rest of your living room lighting.

2. Provide Light For Reading Spots

You’ll almost certainly find yourself reading at least something – a book, a newspaper, or even a news article on your tablet computer – in your living room from time to time. So, it’s well worth having at least one suitably illuminated reading location. Whether you go for a table lamp or a floor lamp, make sure your chosen reading spot is somewhere with the necessary power points nearby. 

3. Aim For Simplicity In A Contemporary Space

Modern living rooms often lend themselves well to simple, dramatic shapes that catch the eye as soon as someone walks into the space. But also don’t presume every single fixture in a 21st-century living room has to be unashamedly contemporary-styled, especially as there is no shortage of lighting ideas out there that combine the best of old and new aesthetics. Our Diana Black Wall Light, for instance, is sure to stand out with its minimalistic silhouette, but also has a classic feel that shows visual deference to legendary lighting designs of the past.

4. Work With Your Living Room’s Existing Features

One reason why it’s difficult to provide ‘one-size-fits-all’ light ideas for a living room is the fact that every room is different in terms of its architectural features and natural light. However, this means you can get imaginative by arranging lighting to work in harmony with these existing elements. You might look to create interesting shadows in your living room with an item like the Charlotte Floor Lamp, or use the Camilla Silver and Black Wall Light to drop a pool of light onto a table. 

5. Embrace The Industrial Look

There was a time when suggesting a homeowner adopt an industrial-inspired living room scheme would have been met with a quizzical look. But with even trendy bars now embracing such a workmanlike, purposeful aesthetic, the ‘industrial’ style has long been an acceptable one. And your choice of lighting – perhaps including pieces such as the Hanson Wall Light and Antique Brass Metal Task Floor Lamp – can go a long way to helping you achieve this look, without sacrificing everyday practicality. Just be prepared to offset their harsh looks with some softer and warmer accent fixtures, if necessary.

Are you ready to experiment with more than just lighting ideas? If so, here are our top tips on getting the colours right in your home.

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