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Bed Month: The BIG Brand names to get into bed with. What brands do we offer? And how to find the right one for you?

Throughout our bedroom department, you’ll notice an array of fantastic brands. We currently stock trusted names like TEMPUR, Vi-Spring, and Hypnos, and we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in bed craftsmanship.

To help you decide which brand is right for you we’ve selected a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Premier Inn TV Ad, in collaboration with Hypnos and comedian, Lenny Henry.

Tempur TV Ad, in collaboration with tennis world champion, Serena Williams.

Which brands are our most popular?

Two brands that we are extremely proud to stock are Hypnos and Tempur, both these names are synonymous with quality and promote an ability to contribute to a perfect night’s sleep. With big names such as; Premier Inn, Lenny Henry and Serena Williams backing these brands in national TV ads, they’ve both become household names. However, if a customer arrives with a brand in mind, we like to recommend they test all our brands before making any decisions.

AB Collection Calabria 4000 Divan Set With Free Drawers - Available online & in store.


Tempur Grafton Ottoman & Contour Mattress - Available online & in store.

What prices can I expect when looking for a King-Size mattress and divan?

Prices vary between all of our brands, Hypnos typically start from £1,095+, whereas our own AB Collection starts from just £995. Premium brands such as TEMPUR start from £2,000+ and Vi-Spring from £2,145.

Our divan showroom.

Our Tempur showroom.

What unique selling points do these brands have?

Each of our brands has their own unique selling points. Tempur is well known for the following; pressure relieving technology, no movement disturbance, less tossing and turning due to being more comfortable and their no-turn mattresses.

Vi-Spring is best known for their; individual pocket sprung designs, giving you the nightly support and comfort needed, using lots of natural fillings and materials, which allow air to flow freely through the mattress, keeping you fresh and cool.

Hypnos, pride themselves on their no turn, just rotate mattresses, use of natural fillings and their 10-year guarantee.

Last but by no means least, our AB Collection boasts lots of pocket springs for individual support, seasonal turn mattresses (One winter side and one Summer side), and exceptionally competitive prices.

If you have any further questions please email, our Beds department will be happy to help!

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