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How to Decorate with Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is uniquely versatile in the way it can bring a totally different vibe to any room, depending on the piece. Cosy and welcoming, luxurious and powerful: the right piece of leather furniture can transform a room, and unleash a new lease of life to any space. And leather sofas, chairs and iconic pieces are never going out of fashion. 

With great leather comes great responsibility. Here’s how you can decorate with contemporary, classic or truly unique leather furniture.

Add cosiness to your living space with a warm leather sofa

The leather sofa: an absolute classic in any home, whether it’s uber-modern or traditional in style. One of the many appeals of a leather sofa is the naturally appealing and cosy colours they come in, from warm honeys and chocolatey browns to vibrant maroons. 

These warming colours make a leather sofa ideal for adding a cosy vibe to any space, especially one that might otherwise appeal cooler and less welcoming. 

Handcrafted in the UK, our Parker Knoll Burghley Large 2 Seater Leather Sofa is the ideal piece to bring a classic and cosy feel to your room. Its warm brown tones and timeless design make it almost impossible to resist slumping into its plush sofa cushions. 

Or, to complement your existing sofa, why not embrace a leather armchair, such as the Tetrad Beardsley Chair. Adding this distinctive piece to your room will make your living space feel cosier than ever.

How to clean your leather sofa

With a luxurious piece of furniture like this, you might be wondering how to clean your leather sofa and keep it looking fabulous forever. Well, we’ve got you covered. To keep leather furniture looking tip-top, wipe it down gently with a microfibre cloth, lightly dampened with warm water and mild dish soap. 

Keeping your leather clean is not only important for the maintenance of its looks, but it assists in its longevity too. A well looked after piece of furniture lasts longer - stressing the importance of cleaning your leather sofa.

Bring some luxe to your dining room

Leather furniture doesn’t need to be restricted to your living room. Smaller, more versatile pieces can also transform other areas of your home, including your dining space. 

For a classic and stylish look that’s also ever-so-comfortable, these Brown Pu Leather Ottowa Chairs will totally transform your dining room, adding a warm and timeless feel. 

Or, for a more modern look, these stunning Cattelan Italia Magda Chairs will certainly turn heads. Their sleek and unique design will bring a contemporary feel to your space.

Embrace a contemporary feel with a modern leather sofa look

Just as leather furniture can add a classic feel, a different piece can add a totally different modern vibe to your living space. 

Bold colours, contemporary styles and iconic scatter cushions can make your leather sofa the centrepiece of your lounge, bringing a whole new lease of life to the room. 

The Alexander and James Saddler Chair will definitely get your guests talking, with its distinctive chunky style and contemporary, yet cosy look. 

Utilising fun, or unique leather sofas is an effective way to decorate any room.

Add Scandinavian sophistication with a modern recliner chair

When you think of the ever-popular Scandinavian interior design trend, you probably don’t think of leather furniture. But, one of the many joys of leather is its versatility. 

A unique way to decorate with leather is to include a distinctive (and super comfy) recliner chair, like this impressive Oslo Power Chair. The contemporary, corporate seat uses a motorised system to allow effortless movement, along with a motorised footrest and an adjustable back.

The Bergen Leather Chair and Stool is another option for a practical yet visually appealing recliner, which also utilises the Oslo Power Chair’s impressive motorised technology. 

These sleek and modern chairs allow you to decorate with leather without sacrificing your distinctive style. 

Turn your living room into a welcoming and sociable hub with an iconic leather corner sofa

Sofas are meant for sharing, and the right one can also be perfect for hosting, chatting and enjoying with friends and family. 

One way to adopt a stylish leather look is to go all out and embrace a leather corner sofa that will definitely steal the show. 

Leather sofas are already known for being particularly cosy and snuggly, but a show-stopping piece like the Alexander & James Tod Leather Corner Sofa take it to the next level. 

This plush, contemporary piece is simple and iconic, creating a sociable yet cosy space that everyone will love to be part of. Embracing an impressive leather corner sofa like this one will truly transform your living space.
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