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6 Ways To Decorate your Home for Easter

06 Apr 2022

With all the excitement of Easter just around the corner, now is the ideal time to freshen up the look of your home and grasp the excitement of Easter home decor. 

“But how?”, you cry. Fear not! We’ve pulled together 6 simple ways you can decorate your home for the new season and upgrade your Easter decorations. 

Embrace the joys of spring by following the steps below. Let’s get cracking! 

1. Bring a bit of the outdoors, indoors

Decorating your home with beautiful bouquets of flowers in time for Easter is hardly a style innovation. But, there’s a reason why colourful florals are synonymous with spring. 

Easter home decor demands colourful flowers and lush plants to signal the end of winter and the start of the run up to summer. But we all know they can also be a little high maintenance. 

If keeping plants alive isn’t really your forte, we’ve got you covered. Bring some greenery into your home with our wide range of gorgeous, low maintenance artificial plants, like this charming Potted Boston Fern.

2. Introduce some bold splashes of colour

Goodbye greys of winter, and hello vibrant colours of spring! Signal the start of the new season by introducing a pop of colour to your living spaces. We’re thinking natural yellows, neutral greens and Very Peri Blue - Pantone’s striking Colour of the Year.

Be flexible, find the colours that scream ‘spring’ to you, and get accessorising. We love this plush Alexander & James Fitz Stool which will look great with this distinctive Teal Glass Face Vase.

3. Uplift your space with the fresh fragrances of spring

Easter home decor isn’t just about colours, styles and textures. A key step in prepping your home for spring involves something a little more… nasal. 

Freshen up your space for Easter by bringing the delicate floral fragrances of the season inside. Uplift your senses with carefully crafted candles and diffusers that will transport you to the peaceful garden evenings of the warmer months - just like this Gardenia & Tuberose Candle, with its unmistakable spring-like aromas.  

4. Update your living space with plush new cushions

One of the simplest ways to update (and upgrade) your lounge for spring is to swap out your cushions and explore a totally different sofa look. Bring in distinct, complimentary colours and experiment with different shapes and textures to give your living room a new lease of life for easter. Home decor’s never been so easy!

To get your sofa set for spring, gather a selection of stylish and vibrant scatter cushions that bring a glimpse of colour to your space. This Contra Teal Cushion does just that, and this fun yet sophisticated Silver Grey Embroidered Velvet Cushion is perfect for spring.

5. Embrace delicate and tasteful Easter decorations

When we say ‘Easter decorations’, we don’t mean little chick ornaments or cuddly bunnies. We mean subtle and chic Easter decorations that will slip elegantly into your existing decor. Gentle nods to the spring season, accessories that help bring natural light into the home and whimsical pieces that whisper “Easter is here”... that’s what we mean. 

This impressive modern Gold Round Square Mirror will help brighten up any room by reflecting the spring sunshine. And this uniquely charming Hummingbird Mirror will breathe new life into any entrance way or living space. Select subtle accessories that make you feel distinctly spring-like. 

6. Experiment with hot new Japandi trend

We first started talking about Japandi vibes last year, but in 2022, it’s back and bigger than ever. The Japandi look is a Japanese twist on the ever-popular Scandinavian style, characterised by a bright and airy modern look with minimalist Japanese accents. 

A perfect style for Easter home decor, this look focuses on light wood furniture, hints of lush greenery and neutral colour palettes. To ace this trend, pair light wooden furniture - like this elegant solid oak Bordeaux Console Table -  with pretty plants you won’t need to worry about watering - like this Grey Potted Aloe Vera Plant. The Japandi look is ideal for embracing Easter decoration in your home this spring.

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