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How to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready in Spring

22 Mar 2022

There's nothing like a little spring gardening to get ready for sunnier days ahead. If you’re not quite sure where to begin, read on for our guide to creating the perfect outdoor oasis. From choosing the right garden bistro set for your space, to advice on the most effective cantilever parasols, we’ve got you covered. They do say the early bird catches the worm, after all...

1. Start with Spring Cleaning

We’re not talking about dusting off book shelves and running the hoover around. Take your spring cleaning routine outside to get your garden looking as good as new. 

Start spring gardening by replenishing plant beds with fertiliser and new compost. The winter rain will have washed away nutrients from the soil, so a little extra effort now will ensure new seeds bloom beautifully come summertime. Rake through new soil to ensure beds are fresh and weed-free, ready for new plants to grow.

For lacklustre lawns in need of a little TLC, start sowing grass seed in early to mid-spring, ready to soak up the pending summer sunshine. The result: green grass just in time for the warmer months (and hopefully, finally, some guests to appreciate all your efforts).

2. Choose Your Perfect Garden Lounge Set

Create a sociable outdoor area with the right garden furniture set, so you’ll be ready for a summer of barbeques. For a modern look, the Barrington Four Piece Garden Lounge Set will sit perfectly on patios or decking. The set includes two relaxing armchairs, a comfortable two-seater bench and a central coffee table with a neutral mixed tone effect wicker.

For more bijou gardens, the Blenheim Orange Three Piece Bistro Set is easy to style around smaller areas, and offers an exciting pop of colour that will bring your patio to life. The set comes with two bold armchairs and a matching glass-topped coffee table which is easy to move around when chasing the setting sun on summer evenings.

Another show-stopping option to furnish your garden with is a cosy hanging egg chair. The Elysium Single Hanging Egg Chair offers the perfect spot for curling up and relaxing in the garden as you gently rock back and forth. This chair is a must-have for the most luxurious outside spaces.

3. Plan Your Patio Space

Now you have your furniture set up, use it as the focal point for your spring gardening design. Plan where to grow new plants around your seating area, so you always have a selection of beautiful flowers to look at while relaxing.

Make the most of the space you have. Is there room for a planted border around the patio, or would you prefer a curated selection of flower pots? Map out where you’d like to see your plants, making the most of any hidden corners or unused space. Get creative with different plants, flowers, herbs or even vegetables to create a unique design. 

Worried about watering all these new additions? Try a few strategically-placed faux-tanicals dotted around decking with our range of artificial plants.

4. Prep for Rain or Shine

Given the temperamental weather in this country, no matter how perfectly you set up your garden for summer, it can never be complete without one key piece of furniture: a garden parasol. Protect yourself and your guests from the often changeable elements with a versatile cantilever parasol, like the Jodrell Anthracite Parasol. This uber-modern garden parasol is complete with atmospheric LED lighting which will allow you to enjoy the warm weather well into the night. It’s also easy to operate, and it can shine its light both upwards and downwards. 

5. Plant a Rainbow for All Seasons

For flourishing flower beds, plant a mix of seeds and bulbs that thrive in both spring and summer, so your garden blooms with the seasons.

Begin spring gardening with a rainbow of bright tulips, orange pansies, purple crocuses and golden daffodils, which all flower beautifully in spring. Next, prepare summer-blooming bulbs, from freesias to sunflowers, dahlias to peonies. The key is to add joyful pops of bold colour that will show once your spring flowers have retreated for another year.

5. Get Ready for Long Summer Nights in The Garden

With your impressive new summer garden set up and ready to go, the last thing you’ll want to do is head straight back inside when the sun goes down. Keep the party going into the night by introducing all-important sources of light and heat to your outside space. 

The Chiswell Black Fire Garden Lantern is a stylish and effective way to bring some light into your garden. The portable gas-powered metal and glass garden lantern is super easy to use and can operate for around six hours. It’s also available in pink and ivory, so you can choose the perfect look for your space. 

For warmth, the Barrington Stainless Steel Patio Heater produces a real flame - and an attractive source of light - that will allow you to make the most of your garden even on those colder evenings. The impressive heater will also create ambience and enhance all garden types. Your guests are going to love this addition.

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