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5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas For the Most Relaxing Space

If there’s one room that deserves extra care and attention when it comes to decorating, it’s your bedroom. After all, the average person spends a huge 229,961 hours asleep in their lifetime. However, if you’re stuck on ideas for this space, you’re not alone – it’s a tricky one to get right, requiring just the right level of comfort, style and relaxing accents to set you up for a restful night. That’s why we’ve rounded up five bedroom decorating ideas for every aesthetic, whether you prefer soft, soothing neutrals or a splash of calming colour…

Here’s your bedroom inspiration…

1. Inject glamour with velvet upholstery and mirrored surfaces

There’s something distinctly elegant about a velvet bed, but pair it with mirrored furniture, and you take that glamour to another level. This bright and airy bedroom incorporates Parisian touches with a modern twist, from the plush, pillow-backed Avery Bed (available in Subtle Mink online) to the Silver Venus 3 Drawer Cabinet and 5 Drawer Chest. While silver furniture can sometimes feel too cool in tone – especially when paired with greys – the warmth from the dusky rose bed and champagne tones on the walls make the room feel cosy and inviting. A dream set-up.

2. Embrace rich tones with jewel colours and golden accents

If you love rich jewel tones – think sapphire blue, emerald green and ruby red – you can embrace them in every part of your home, from your living room sofa to your comfy bed. The key for your bedroom is to combine that sumptuous colour with neutral walls for a little lift, then feature gold hardware to tie your decor together. Try it with an emerald velvet bed (our pick is the Saffron Bed Frame) and a selection of carefully chosen gold accessories, like the Eugenie Table Light and Gold Framed Round Mirror.

3. Decorate with rustic woods for a fresh, bohemian feel

Light, bright woods are as calming as it gets for bedroom decor. In proof that beige doesn’t have to mean boring, this symphony of soothing neutral tones creates a peaceful atmosphere that’s a joy to wake up to. Try the Madeira Bed Frame, Blanket Box and 1 Drawer Bedside Table to perfect this look, then add white sheets, taupe throws and a patterned rug to layer varying textures and tones. Greenery brings this style of bedroom decor to life, so don’t forget to add a plant (or two) on any spare surfaces.

4. Make a statement with bold colour blocking

‘Bold’ and ‘bedroom decor’ may not sound like they should go together, but here’s proof they can. This bedroom features colour blocking that feels relaxing, inviting and beyond chic. If you want to try this trend, opt for slightly muted colours, like mustard yellows and navy blues, and ensure there’s plenty of white peeking through to brighten up the space. Wall art for bedrooms doesn’t get much more creative than this geometric paint job; something you can try painting yourself or mimic with stick-on wall decals. Then, ensure your bed fits right in with the Caraway Bedstead; a navy, upholstered frame you can team with yellow cushions, burgundy furniture and emerald throws. 

5. Put the bed centre stage with deep tones

If you prefer dark tones, we recommend always teaming deeper walls with a lighter-coloured carpet, which will balance out the room and lend a touch of space-enhancing brightness. Then explore charcoal, midnight teal and plum tones alongside hints of gold for warmth. Finish with this buttoned Thyme Bed Frame, which was made to take centre stage in your mid-century modern bedroom. 

Up next: Take a look at the biggest home decor trends for 2022. These are the looks you’ll want to be watching this year.

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