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The 2022 Home Decor Trends to Watch Out For

06 Jan 2022

There’s nothing like a new year to get us in the mood for a quick home overhaul. And, just as the desire to decorate strikes, along comes a host of new interiors trends for 2022. From abstract accessories, to earthy palettes, to stylish furniture for your pets, no less – discover the styles that are set to go viral on Instagram this year…

1. Abstract Accessories

Expect to go avant-garde with your accessories this year. Display pieces are taking new twists and turns with captivating shapes that stand out on shelves. From the Ivory Donut Vase to the Terracotta Multi Loop Candle Holder, 2022 is pushing abstract designs to their limits. Even candles are bidding farewell to traditional column silhouettes, with the Pink Twirl Dinner Candle Set adding a playful touch to your next dinner party.

2. Body Boosters

This year, interiors lovers are celebrating the human body in all its glory with intricate sculptures that bring a little Rome into your home. Inspired by Roman statues, these ornate torsos double up as a vase for spring florals. Choose between the Female Torso Flower Pot (in Ivory, Sand Brown, Terracotta, Grey or Black) and the Female Sitting Torso Flower Pot (in Ivory, Terracotta or Grey). 

3. Very Peri

2022 is the year of Very Peri blue, according to Pantone. They’ve named the calming yet eye-catching shade their Colour of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a peaceful tone that pops in the midst of grey or neutral decor, making it ideal for a feature wall, velvet sofa, or any other statement piece you’re adding to your room. Want an easy way to integrate the shade? Try perking up your kitchen or diner with the Blue Velvet Ottawa Chair

4. Pampered Pets

Who knew pet beds could be so stylish? If you have a dog or a cat, take heart: there’s now an ultra-chic and Instagrammable way to make them feel cosy in your living room. Pet sofa beds can be as elegant as your favourite accent chair or footstool, thanks to velvet upholstery (which is comfy for them) and a sleek silhouette. Try the Pet Sofa in Grey, Black or Puffed Green for a tub-like cuddler. Or, for something more minimal, opt for the chaise longue-style Venue Pet Sofa Bed in Grey or Black

5. Mother Nature

Get down to earth with tonal hues inspired by nature, featuring rustic browns, tawny terracottas, warm taupes and forest greens. This trend can be channeled from ceiling to floor with your choice of paint, carpet, furniture and accessories. The goal is to layer your palette to create a cosy vibe. Some of our favourite pieces for this trend include the Victoria Bronze Pendant Light, the Alexander & James Summerton 4 Seater Sofa in Green, and the Astral Rug in Terracotta.

6. Leather Accents

In recent years, velvet furniture has remained high on the trend agenda. And, if you’ve already invested, don’t fear: the fabric is still going strong for 2022. However, tan leather is also making a welcome, California-vibe comeback, which pairs perfectly with neutral decor and – bonus – wears beautifully year on year. Inject leather into your interiors with the Oliver Dining Chair, the Alexander & James Editor 3 Seater Sofa or the Alexander & James Saddler Chair. These statement staples bring a drop of the West Coast into your home. 

7. Power Patterns

Don’t be afraid to get playful with patterns. 2022 is the year to stand out, so look to soft furnishings and accessories that steal the show with their unmissable prints. There’s the Brentford Large Footstool for a splash of chevron, the Fringed Emerald Palm Pattern Cushion for a tropical touch, and the Seasons Wall Art for a flourish of florals. 

Up next: Discover relaxing bedroom ideas for better sleep in 2022. 
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