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5 Cosy Bedroom Ideas for A Relaxing Space

29 Sep 2021

What do you think of when you picture your bedroom? Hopefully, you are immediately put in mind of one of the few true constants in life; a comfy and inviting sanctuary to call your very own, and a place to escape from the varied stresses and strains of the day. 

It is also true, however, that many of our bedrooms do not live up to this ideal. Perhaps your current bedroom is tatty and messy, maybe the colours are all wrong, or you might just feel that you don’t have the thoroughly welcoming and cosy bedroom you deserve. 

Well, now’s the time to put that right. Follow our five relaxing bedroom ideas below, to create a genuine chillout space that you will delight in for months and years to come – whatever the outside world may throw at you.

1. Use Soothing Colours

There’s a good reason why many of us barely even consciously notice or remember what colour the décor scheme was at the last spa we attended – because we’re not supposed to do so. Such settings tend to embrace calming hues, such as pale greens and diluted browns, to aid us in effortlessly unwinding. 

It's a principle you can apply to your bedroom, too. This isn’t the part of the home in which to go for bright pops of colour that will overly stimulate and irritate you. Instead, choose the neutral hues that will scarcely register in your mind as you snooze away your cares. 
Incorporating relaxing colours into your bedroom can be a straightforward process. This cosy bedroom idea might simply entail you swapping out unsuitable items for alternatives such as the Tempur Ardennes Buttoned Headboard and Ottowa Chair.

2. Incorporate Wooden Elements

There are good reasons why we have set out these relaxing bedroom ideas in the order that we have; in this case, because touches of wood can be a very harmonious complement to the aforementioned muted colours. They infuse bedrooms with a sense of warmth and earthiness that no other texture or material can quite match.  

Some of our favourite wooden pieces include the Camia Bestead (with matching Bedside Tables), the Wiltshire Bedframe for a countrycore feel, and the Lobo Double Wardrobe (plus the Wide Chest of Drawers) for a mid-century modern take on bedroom decor.

3. Create Intimate Lighting

We have already touched in this piece on how the formula for a truly welcoming and cosy bedroom is not the same as the rules that would apply to other areas of your abode. 

The manner in which you illuminate your bedroom is an excellent case in point. This is not a room that suits the harsh and clinical lighting that might do just fine in your home office, for example. Instead, the emphasis should be on cultivating intimacy through a focus on low light, while also creating drama via multiple sources of illumination.  

Don’t be afraid to peruse our lighting collections for inspiration on how to get your bedroom illumination ‘just right’, including with attractive, practical and atmospheric items like the Rabbit Table Lamp, Kate Pendant Light and Camilla Nickel and Black Floor Light.

4. Embrace Greenery

Anyone who has ever spontaneously introduced a plant to their home, having perhaps never done so before, will probably understand why we have included this tip. There’s just no quicker or easier route to instantly making your bedroom feel that little bit more… homely. 

While real plants can make a significant difference to how pleasant a place your bedroom is to be – including by purifying toxins in the air – it’s understandable that if you have a workaholic lifestyle, keeping on top of maintenance might be tricky. You may therefore opt to complement living houseplants with some of our stylish artificial plants and botanicals.

5. Cultivate A Decluttered, Minimalistic

The recurrent periods of lockdown over the past year and a half may have seen you accumulate quite a few random items in your bedroom that you could probably do without. 

Those academic textbooks you really shouldn’t be taking to bed, but that you do anyway? That tablet computer you can’t keep your eyes off, even when you’re supposed to be catching some Zs? Those clothes strewn around the floor? Yes, we know about all of them. It's no wonder there have been such strong cultural movements against hoarding and in favour of decluttering in recent times. 

We aren’t only recommending that you declutter to make your bedroom look a little cleaner and sparser. That’s because a tidy space can also translate into a tidy mind, in sharp contrast to the random, disorganised messes that may simply add to your daily stress.

So, if we do get any further lockdowns, you know what to do. Don’t simply purchase another item you don’t need on eBay, when you can while away your indoor hours clearing up your bedroom and treating yourself to a calmer mind as a result. You might better accomplish this with the help of minimalistic-styled, but practical furniture such as the Santiago Small Double Wardrobe or Madeira Blanket Box

There you have it – some straightforward tips for how to create a genuinely cosy bedroom of which you can be proud. Much more importantly, these relaxing bedroom ideas could be crucial to ensuring you snooze off just as you want it, day after day. 

For even more inspiration, check out our previous blog post on how to make a small bedroom look larger, or discover how to extend the cosy vibe to the living room, too.

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