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How to Create a Cosy Nook for Reading

06 Sep 2021

Have you ‘read’ (ahem) that it’s National Read a Book Day on 6th September? Celebrated on the same date every year, National Read a Book Day is exactly what it sounds like – a salute to the enthralling stories, weighty tomes and page-turners that make life worth living.

Indeed, the wonders of all things bookish have probably come to be even more appreciated by many of us in recent times. Circumstances forcing you to spend more time at home may have led to your eyes wandering in the direction of the awkward or unoccupied corner that could seemingly be the perfect place for an escapist reading nook. 

So, why not bring that dream to life? As you put away your summer clothes for another year and prepare for the nights to draw in, follow our tips for creating the ultimate book nook.

Incorporate a Bookcase

A reading nook, by its very nature, tends to be in a small and confined space of the house that might not be greatly suitable for much else. So, you shouldn’t feel too guilty if you don’t have the room there to fit in some bookshelves within arm’s reach. 

However, if you do aspire to the ‘miniature home library’ vibe with your reading corner, you’re sure to find something with just the right proportions – and style – in the Arighi Bianchi range. Think such options as the contemporary Hoffman Tall Bookcase and the Belle Bookcase – the latter, for instance, combining warm materials with geometric stylings. 

Invest in Eye-catching Artwork

Burying yourself in a book, as bookworms know, is as great for ‘getting away from it all’ as a Mediterranean beach holiday or a European city break. So, it’s no surprise that many travel enthusiasts grace their home reading nooks with artwork that puts them in mind of their passion. We’ve got just the items to suit in our own range, including framed depictions of the likes of Venetian canals and the streets of New York

But of course, there’s reading-corner artwork to suit every… well, reading corner, whether you’re a sports fan who fancies adding a nod to your favourite team, a concerted wine enthusiast, or a petrolhead with an eye for the finest in automotive design

Get Yourself Somewhere Comfy to Sit

Even if your reading nook will be a very compact one, you’ll need something comfortable to sink into, for all of those afternoons (and mornings, and evenings…) spent leafing through a classic. That’s where a little something from our range of delightful armchairs may come in handy – and again, there really is an option for all practical needs and aesthetic preferences. 

That could mean acquiring such a great book-nook centrepiece as the Italian-styled Alexander & James Perry High Back Chair, the two-seater Simone Chair with its soft curved arms, or the Jefferson Berry Armchair, which boasts scrolled arms and castors and deep set velvet fabric buttons. You can probably imagine yourself whiling the hours away in one of these already.  

Pepper Your Space with Plants

You don’t need to be reading Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book in your book nook to appreciate feeling close to nature in this part of your abode. In fact, your reading corner is just the place in which to insert a few tastefully chosen plants, and we’ve got no shortage of artificial plants in our own collection that will more than look the part. 

Whether you decorate your reading nook with such offerings as the Fern Potted Plant, Wild Grass Potted Plant, or even a Small Glass Potted Cactus Mix, there’s no question that they all offer a fresh, verdant style, minus the maintenance obligations that real plants bring. 

Whatever space in the house you have in mind for transforming into a book nook – it could be something like a gap near the stairs, a sun-drenched corner of the living room, or a bedroom alcove that doesn’t feel right being used any other way – the above will have hopefully given you ample inspiration to get started. Before long, your biggest dilemma will be simply deciding on your next book to read!

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