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5 Autumn Décor Trends to Try Right Now

25 Aug 2021

Wait – we’re barely out of August yet, and we’re already talking autumn home décor trends? Well, yes – for the simple reason that we can’t wait to start styling up for the new season. Actually, there’s a bit more to it than that. Autumn will be here before you know it, which means, if you want to start on a stylish note, you’ll need to start planning out your interiors now. 

So, let’s zoom in on what some of those autumn 2021 trends are, as picked out by our team of home décor specialists.

1. Velvet Decor

What do you truly want in your autumn home? The chances are that the non-fashion-magazine-approved version of your answer would be… something to sink, indulge and just feel cosy in, away from the encroaching fall chill and drizzle. 

It’s just the season, then, to tap into the opulent trappings of velvet upholstery. Whether you simply add a black or blush velvet cushion to your existing home set-up to inject that extra luxury and elegance, or even help yourself to a velvet barstool or two for a complete home bar, velvet is one of the most undeniable autumn décor trends this year. And that’s not the only advice we’ve got on how to make velvet décor work in your home.

2. WFH Stylings

WFH. Those three letters have come to mean so much to us over the last year and a half (has it really been just a year and a half?). What they probably haven’t come to mean to you, however, is the height of style coordination and glamour. 

Well, your autumn home décor refresh could be the perfect opportunity to set that right. With home working looking likely to stay in the new era of the ‘hybrid office’, merely dull and practical home offices won’t do any longer. So for your home-working set-up in the fall, think comfortable, durable, functional… but also rustic, understated and purposeful. 

Consider new additions like the gorgeously hand-finished and charming Blake Desk, the Camilla Nickel and Black Table Light, and even some soothing artwork for those moments of contemplation between tough assignments.

3. Touches of Gold

Hints of gold are an on-trend addition to your home at any time of year. However, there’s something about leaning into gilded accents in the autumn time that just works. Perhaps it’s because of the pleasing contrast between those glittering gold linings and the more earthy, verdant tones we more typically associate with the fall? 

Whatever the case – there’s no question that autumn’s most stylish homes will be tapping into the power of gold to elevate their bedrooms and living rooms this season. Keep it subtly stylish with the Gold Framed Curved Square Mirror, Gold Modernist Inspired Candle Holder, Alice Gold Medium Pendant, and even these gold-rimmed red wine glasses.   

4. Autumnal and Jewel Tones

Switching up your home’s look for a new season means bringing in a new colour palette. Jewel tones are likely to be a key focal point for your autumn décor. Encompassing the likes of emerald green, citrine yellow and ruby red, these hues aren’t just cosy, but they’re also reminiscent of autumn leaves. 

Sure enough, jewel tones also take pride of place in our autumn collections. You can try the trend with the Citrine Jewel Wall Clock and Honey Bee Cushion

Beyond that, be sure to keep a lookout for décor items sporting all of the mustard yellow, marble effect and similar subdued and earthy tones that we love at this time of year. 

5. Mixed Textures

You might imagine that experimenting with texture would be a defining element of any home interior design during any season – and to some extent, that’s true. But it seems that this autumn, many of us have been especially drawn to the art of layering different textures in intriguing ways to evoke a sense of closeness to nature. After all, if there’s something we all need right now, it’s a little TLC for our basic wellbeing. 

And playing with textures presents endless possibilities in an autumn home décor scheme. It’s a creative process made easier by statement pieces, such as the Large Twisted Texture Cassis Vase, Sundown Natural Throw, and even this piece of serene, abstract flowing wall art that will transport you away from your everyday cares. 

Looking for more home inspiration? Nothing updates your space like a new sofa. Before you pick one, discover our sofa buying guide, complete with tips on choosing the right shape, colour and fabric.

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