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How to Make Velvet Decor Work in Your Home

15 Feb 2021

Not only does velvet furniture lend your home an instantly luxurious feel; it’s also plush and cosy, giving you style and comfort in one. That’s why, this season, we’re all about velvet decor that enhances every room in the house, whether it’s a soft-enough-to-sink-in sofa or bold cushions for your bed.     

Here, we reveal four top tips for working velvet into your interior style, so you can get the right balance of texture and colour. This is what you need to know… 

1. Make Velvet Decor a Feature

Instead of going down the ‘all velvet, everything’ route, consider statement pieces that complement a mix of fabrics in your chosen space. For example, if you have a tan leather sofa but you want to add a splash of colour for a cosy reading nook, place a velvet armchair in a bright shade next to your bookcase. We love the midnight blue Abode Panache Armchair

It’s a great dining chair fabric, too. Opt for velvet chairs in muted tones, like the Ottowa Dining Chairs, then team them with a mid-century style table for a modern New York loft vibe. In a bedroom that’s missing ‘that special something’, add a velvet bench or ottoman. The sapphire blue Ottowa Bench is perfect for avoiding the dreaded floordrobe.

2. Balance a Velvet Sofa

Velvet sofas have become synonymous with stylish homes. However, there’s a trick to making this statement piece of furniture fit into your living room. The goal is to ensure your suite is the only velvet item (or items) in the space, resisting the urge to pile on velvet cushions or hang up a velvet-covered lampshade. 

Try it with the Beckton Large Chaise Sofa in deep grey, then add graphic print cushions in tweedy or canvas fabrics to complement the velvet. The Shatter Teal Cushion or the Orla Kiely Sunflower Cushion will create a cool colour contrast.

3. Be Careful with Colour

Velvet decor isn’t just one colour. It shifts in shade under different light, which is why it’s important to test the tones will work in your chosen room. When that dream velvet piece arrives at your door, look at it in both natural and artificial light, so you can pick out the varying hues. This will make it easier to ensure accompanying items match. 


But don’t be afraid to go bold. Just as dreamy as champagne velvet is mustard or teal. That’s one of the things we love most about this trend: it fits into every colour palette.


4. If in Doubt, Accessorise

If beds, sofas and benches feel like too much of a leap into the velvet decor trend, turn to home accessories that add a touch of the fabric without being ‘too much’. The Bee Emerald Cushion will add a nature-inspired twist to your living room, while the Miami Pink Cushion gives your guest bedroom an instant vacation vibe. 

Footstools also let you dip a toe into the velvet homeware pool. Choose from the Pink Cherry Stool or the Blue Velvet Falcon Footstool for the ultimate in comfort.

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