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6 Ways to Make Your Living room Feel Warm and Cosy

19 Jan 2022

If there’s one space in your home that should feel like a cosy sanctuary, it’s the living room. You want it to be welcoming, relaxing and, above all, a comfortable place for you to crash. And, while a plush, luxury sofa is usually key to the latter, there are other ways to create a warm living room that you’ll never want to leave. 

Looking for some quick tricks? Here are six warm living room ideas to try right now…

1. Add throws and cushions

Here’s the easiest fix: pile up those throws and cushions. Not only do they make you physically warmer, but they also give the impression of a comfortable and tranquil space. Try the Oregon Throw in Navy, Silver, Forest or Mustard – it’s a movie night must-have – then scatter cushions on the sofa to complete that cosy vibe. Opt for cushions that pop against your upholstery, like burnt orange against a light ecru, or teal on a charcoal grey.

2. Light the right scented candle

Certain scents can coax in a cosy vibe. Think warm, rich fragrances that fill the room, like a heady thwack of tuberose or an enchanting infusion of sandalwood. These are the notes you want to find in a living room scented candle; softly flickering away and setting your evenings aglow. To create the right vibe, opt for the Casafina Gardenia & Tuberose Candle, in a chic black jar, or the Sandalwood & Jasmine Candle.

3. Paint a feature wall

While all-white walls are forever stylish, they can sometimes feel a little cold. If this is the case in your living room, try painting a feature wall in a warmer tone to offset the mood. Ultimately, the colour you choose should complement your existing furniture and carpets, but tones to try include terracottas, rich taupes and, in some cases, a marine or teal green.

4. Incorporate cosy accents

As well as turning to cushions and throws for cosy, comforting texture, try adding an accent chair or footstool with sumptuous upholstery. The best-selling Tetrad Fairy Chair is a furry dream come true for your reading nook, while the velvet Romance Footstool in Moss, Misty, Midnight or Crimson injects a little colour while you put your feet up. 

5. Embrace wood furnishings

From sideboards to coffee tables, opt for wood furniture to bring a little warmth in. Lighter woods, in particular, set a halcyon mood, so look to oak, pine and birch furnishings. Some of our favourite pieces include the Bordeaux Side Table, the Madeira Lamp Table and the Surrey Coffee Table with Shelf.

6. Hang prints on the wall

Like all-white walls, bare walls can leave your room feeling a little cold and sparse. However, by hanging up wall art and posters, you invite extra colour and eye-catching detail into the space. Go for touches of gold, as seen in the Abstract Flowing Sand Framed Wall Art, or nod to the sun-drenched tropical home trend with the Summer Gaze I and Summer Gaze II Wall Art.

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