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How to Find the Best Pillows For You

02 Feb 2022

‘Which pillows are best for me?’ It’s a question we’re asked a lot at our Macclesfield store, and the answer always comes down to the same thing: your sleeping position and habits. What might be a dreamy pillow for one could be a too soft and too squishy nightmare for another, making the quest for the perfect pillow a unique endeavour. 

That’s why we’ve created this pillow buying guide, featuring a breakdown of three of the most popular pillows we offer, and how to know if they might be right for you. So, whether you like something soft yet supportive or firm but with a little bounce, these three Tempur pillows have got you covered. Which one will you choose?

For a Seriously Soft Pillow

Let’s start soft. For some, the squishier the better is the consensus, but it’s important to still pick a pillow with an element of support. That’s where the Tempur Comfort Cloud Pillow comes in; a memory foam masterpiece that strikes the perfect balance between soft  and structured, so your neck gets the care it needs. It’s called ‘Cloud’ for good reason. Cushiony comfort offers the dreamiest sleep, so you feel as if you’re resting your head on a cloud while you doze off each night. It mirrors the effects of the Tempur Cloud Supreme Mattress, making them perfect partners for those who prioritise supportive softness above all else. 

For a Medium ‘Suits Everyone’ Pillow

Taking things a little bit firmer is the Tempur Comfort Original Pillow. Compared to the softness of the Cloud, this is a medium pillow with extra support. But, that doesn’t mean it lacks comfort; it’s plush and cushiony enough to give you that important pressure relief. Side sleepers and back sleepers will find relaxation with this ‘just right’ pillow. Pick one up for yourself and, if you have a guest bedroom, consider adding this pillow to the bed for suits-everyone sleeping

For a Firm and Supportive Pillow

If firmness is high on the agenda for your ideal pillow, the Tempur Original Pillow with ergonomic support is your go-to. It’s certainly not hard – something firm pillows are often accused of – but instead it offers a plush and cushiony place to lay your head, without being overly soft. The curved top is designed to support the natural curves created by your head, neck and shoulders to aid in properly aligning your spine for a great night's sleep. We offer the pillow in three heights: Medium (10/7cm), Large (5/8.5cm) and Extra Large (13/10cm). The broader your shoulders are, the higher the height should be, so choose accordingly.

For a Jet-Setting Pillow

With the travel industry making a comeback, we’d be remiss not to mention the Tempur Transit Pillow; an in-flight neck cushion that brings the softness of your bed to your plane seat. Great for gifting to yourself or a jet-setting loved one, this memory foam must-have ensures you travel in style and comfort – no matter how long the flight. 

Up next: You’ve found your pillow. Now complete your set-up with our guides on how to choose the right mattress and how to make your bedroom more relaxing.

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