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4 steps to setting up your own at-home bar

Velvet Home Bar Arighi Bianchi

There’s no better time to set up a home bar than just before party season. You’ve got guests coming over and bottles at the ready; now all you need is a place to pour, serve and celebrate. Sure, the kitchen would work for mixing up cocktails, but there’s something extra special about having your own bar at home. That’s why, as Christmas gets closer, we’re sharing all the tips you need. Cheers to that...

1. Assess the space

How much room can you dedicate to your home bar? You don’t need a full basement for a pub-style counter. Just enough space for a table or cabinet and maybe even some stools will do. Choose a cosy corner of the living room, one of the walls of your dining room or, if you have a garden room or family room, consider placing your home bar there. Just make sure, if you go down the garden route, that the room is warm enough for your party guests.

2. Choose your bar surface

Your choice of bar will come down to the space you have, and your chosen aesthetic. If you’re taking it large and luxurious, opt for the turquoise and gold-finished Velvet Bar. There’s plenty of room up top to unleash your inner mixologist, while tucked away in the back is an array of wine and glass racks, as well as space to store your bottles. 

For a simpler set-up, try the Blake Rectangular Bar Table. Display your bottles on top, then pull up some stools and impress your guests with your cocktail mixing skills. And, if you’d rather keep pouring your drinks in the kitchen, but still want a ‘bar vibe’ for your guests to sit in, choose the round Birdcage Bar Table. Two stools on either side will recreate that ‘cosy, country pub corner’ feel. 

3. Pull up the perfect stools

Next, your guests need some bar stools to sit on. If you opted for the Velvet Bar, your choice is easy: nothing goes better with this statement piece than the matching Velvet Bar Stools. But if you’ve opted for the Blake or Birdcage bar tables, you can go with almost any style – from sleek tan leather, to plush mink velvet, to industrial wood and metal stools. 

One of our favourites right now is the Ottowa Barstool; a comfy, velvet seat that comes in a range of colours – including sapphire blue and gunmetal grey. The Kiki Barstool, available in pewter or champagne, is a super-slick option for the modern home lovers. Meanwhile, the leather Mason Bar Stool has retro stylings down to a tee. Looking for some stylish mid-century woodwork? Try the Delta Bar Chair in grey, natural or rustic.

4. Add glassware and accessories

You’ve got your bar and you’ve got your stools – now it’s time for glassware. And, because it’s party season, only the glitziest glasses will do when you’re serving up Christmas drinks. You can’t go wrong with the Italia collection, which features gold-rimmed and silver-rimmed glasses for every type of tipple. Choose from our range of Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses or High Ball Glasses, each boxed up in sets of four. 

Then, add some accessories. The Marble Effect Drinks Tray is a true show-stopper, featuring gold hardware and chic handles to put your best drinks on display. Signs and wall art are also fun additions to your home bar set-up. Hang up the Nobody Gets Out Sober Sign or the Tequila Mockingbird Framed Print. These and the Gin Eyre Framed Print make for great Christmas gifts for loved ones, too. 

Up next: Maximise your space further with our tips on setting up a cosy reading nook in your home. 

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