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New and #trending home fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2023

There is no denying that Autumn is well and truly in the air and if you are ready to hibernate, embrace JOMO (the joy of missing out) and make your home cosy for the months ahead then now is the perfect time to update your home fragrances with the comforting scents of the season. We are predicting these trends for home fragrances for this Autumn/Winter...

Bigger is better

When it comes to the latest trends in scents for the home – bigger is most certainly better.  Oversized diffusers are having a real design moment as they double up as a statement piece of décor as well as a way to fragrance our homes. These are vase-sized vessels that deserve centre stage in a kitchen or living space, they aren’t for being hidden in the corner.

Diffusers are ideal if you want a statement scent with longevity – think how some hotels have a signature scent that is noticeable as soon as you walk in. You can create this effect with a diffuser and friends and family will instantly think of you. Ilum’s oversized diffusers are ideal for this. You can also leave a diffuser without fear of it catching fire – these make them a great alternative to a candle in guest bedrooms or if there are children and pets in the house.

For this season the gold and white design of Ilum’s Sahara diffuser adds a subtle festive touch that will tastefully complement your decorations come December.

Shop the Ilum Sahara Reed Diffuser and matching oversized candle to get the look.

Or for that boutique-hotel-look go extra large with these perfume bottle inspired home fragrances which perfectly capture the oversized trend, as well as the hotel chic look that is popular this season. Shop Sences 2200ml diffusers.

Feel good scents

In 2023 our wellbeing is at the top our priority list and how a scent makes us feel, is one of the key things we are prioritising when choosing a fragrance for our home. This season it is all about choosing scent notes that are warming and grounding – choose fragrances that will give you comfort and that sense of cocooning after a busy day. Candles are perfect for creating that cosy atmosphere after a busy day or for a date night, dinner party or gathering. To get the full effect from a candle you will need to burn it for at least two hours so if you’re looking to set the scene then light it well in advance of your guests arriving.

For the ultimate in Autumn/Winter cosiness, we love the smooth and silky notes of Nutmeg, Cedar and Patchouli that are beautifully combined in Aery’s Persian Thyme, Nordic Cedar and Indian Sandalwood candles. Hand-poured into minimal ceramic pots, they also make great miniature planters for indoor plants.

Wonderland Candle Gift Set

Nordic Cedar: Cedar, Cinnamon, Pepper, BergamotIndian
Sandalwood: Raspberry, Tobacco, Tonka, Sandalwood Persian Thyme: Thyme, Lime, Patchouli, Oudh

Festive fragrance notes

The popularity of mist diffusers show no signs of slowing down and now is the time to switch up your fragrance to something a bit more seasonal but keep it subtle using carefully crafted combinations of scents that evoke the season. If you’re looking to create a more complex fragrance scheme in the home you can even layer fragrances by choosing a subtle scent for your mist diffuser and then layering with a heavier scented candle to up the power of your fragrance at a chosen time.

Stoneglow’s Pomegranate and Spiced woods fragrance oil perfectly captures the scents of Autumn/Winter without being too overpowering and overtly ‘Christmas’. Featuring spicy pink pepper, aromatic thyme, frankincense, and zingy citrus, balanced by warm patchouli and fruity accords of apple, plum and raspberry. Its base notes are warm amber, tobacco and musky cedar.

Stoneglow mist diffuser (available in Stone or grey)

Team with Stoneglow’s Pomegranate and Spiced Woods fragrance oil (£11.00)



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