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Hometels are trending – here’s how to get the look

03 Oct 2023

The ‘Hometel’ is the latest trending concept in the world of in interiors as we are increasingly taking design inspiration from luxury hotels to style our own home.

But how do you perfect that chic hotel look and feel without ending up with a soulless space? Here we share our advice on how to get that five-star look in your home.

The Hometel trend has emerged alongside the idea of Quiet Luxury in interiors, both of which are anchored in creating a feeling of luxury and quality within our living spaces. The overall look and vibe can be achieved with some core design devices, such as the use of high-quality materials and well-designed classic furniture.

Thick heavy full length curtains combined with blinds is a popular look within a Hometel theme, alongside quality white cotton bedding and creating spaces that can adapt for multiple uses, whether it’s lounging around or working.

Most hotels also have their own fragrance, achieved through lots of diffusers and fresh flowers. You can recreate this at home as part of the Hometel ambiance; the current trend in oversize 3L diffusers is one of our current top tips for this.

Comfort is absolutely key when creating a hotel inspired space. Within living spaces the choice of sofas, multiple arm chairs (not matching) and cushions is important. Some hotel-inspired fabrics can feel quite stiff and formal because they must maintain their quality day after day. This might make a home feel too formal, so try and balance quality with tactile fabrics.  Choose quality materials that not only look good but also have a tactile appeal. Premium fabrics, finishes, and surfaces can contribute to the luxurious atmosphere of a hometel.

Lighting is important too. A key element of a hotel – whether that be a hotel room or the communal areas - is that there are lots of different lighting options and lamps to help the transition from daytime to evening, and to create a relaxing mood when it’s time to enjoy the space.

Don’t forget those personal finishing touches. Don’t lose your personality when designing within a Hometel theme. Many boutique hotels incorporate vintage and reclaimed furniture, bold colour and pattern clashes and quirky and interesting accessories to make their spaces a home from home. Once you have the basics of your design, layer in some texture, colour, pattern and points of interest that express your own style. Coffee table books, quirky old fashioned board games and luxurious throws are perfect for creating a hotel snug style space.



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