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27 Sep 2023

The moods and movements inspiring interiors this Autumn.

Six emerging trends set to influence our interiors:

  1. Move over Barbiecore brights, Moody Blooms are dominating decors
  2. Rebellion Against Perfection
  3. Escapism
  4. Quiet Luxury combines with extreme comforting textiles for Autumn ’23
  5. Dark wood in interiors   
  6. Textured and upholstered walls

    #TREND1    Moody Blooms

    Botanical and Jungle designs move towards the dark side for the coming season 

    Autumn/winter runways were filled with moody-hued florals, featuring deep base colours like damson, emerald greens and charcoal. This look is coming through within interiors as well with exciting new products launching for the coming season.

    For many this will be a light (or dark!) relief from the sickly Barbicore-bubblegum-brights that have dominated the summer!

    Moody blooms add depth, emotion, and a sense of artistry to a room’s decor, making them an appealing choice for those who want to create a dramatic and visually striking ambiance in their homes. Expect to see these designs on textiles such as wallpapers, curtains, upholstery fabrics, throws and cushions. These textiles serve as statement pieces, drawing the eye and becoming focal points in the room.

    Moody blooms influence is also another take on the ever-popular botanical and jungle trends that continue to keep homes looking fashionable, but progresses to the comforting, deeper tones that we naturally start to seek out in the autumn and winter months. An enduring trend, botanicals frequently appear in different guises – from Cottagecore and Bloomcore, to tropical or jungle inspired interiors; each season we see a new interpretation, and this is it for autumn 2023.

    #TREND2    Rebellion against perfection

    Nostalgia is an influence that prevails during times of uncertainty in the outside world and we have seen 70’s influences coming through in design this year. We predict that these nostalgic references will continue to infiltrate interiors in Autumn and beyond. Gen Z in particular seeks to unearth everything retro from the 70’s to the 00’s and are creating unique looks with their finds.

    These spaces feel curated and meaningful, not overly standardised. Schemes in this trend are not stark or sterile. Instead, the design layers textures, materials, and patterns to add depth and interest to the space without overwhelming it.

    #TREND3    Quiet Luxury and the ‘Quality of Comfort’ combine as this aesthetic continues to influence home decors 

    Where fashion leads, interiors almost certainly follow and the Quiet Luxury concept, which has been a key aesthetic in fashion throughout 2023, has firmly established itself as a major influence on home design. This will continue into Autumn/Winter ’23 as it merges with the luxury of comfort. Here we will see the layering of textured wool throws on extreme comforting snuggler chairs, teddy bear fabrics, and the addition of deep pile rugs.

    This trend is about timeless and understated interiors that ooze high-quality fundamentals. The key is investing in classic pieces that are made from long lasting materials and that will have timeless appeal. Since hitting mainstream fashion Quiet Luxury has (thankfully) evolved to mean that it doesn’t have to mean eye-wateringly expensive though, it’s affordable non-branded luxury with the focus on quality!

    As people look to make more sustainable interior choices, high quality and timeless pieces have longevity and the cost per use will certainly make them worth the investment.

    There are few 'rules' with regards to colour within this movement, it’s the furnishings and furniture’s natural luxe language that leads the look. While the overall design may be understated, there are often a few statement pieces that serve as focal points; these could be unique art pieces, a light fitting, or furniture item.

    #TREND4    Escape to the … reading nook, TV room and spathroom

    This autumn and winter JOMO (joy of missing out) will be ‘in’ once again and consequently people will seek to make their interiors as comforting and cocooning as possible. The idea of ‘escapism’ from the pressures of the outside economic conditions, to enhance our wellbeing and mental health, will drive how we’re updating our homes and the furnishings we choose.

    According to trend forecasters from Foresight Factory, ‘nearly 1 in 3 (31%) global consumers said they game as a self-care activity, while watching TV has become the number one activity consumers say they do to maintain their general wellbeing.

    So whether it’s creating an indulgent cosy reading nook or updating a gaming or TV space; interiors will be about making environments for indulging in what we enjoy – if that’s a long deep bath then this will be about creating a spa like environment.

    #TREND5    Vintage & Asianic influences escalate the use of dark wood in interiors  

    Interior design trends are often influenced by global styles. Asian design, known for its use of dark woods like teak, is having a significant impact on the popularity of dark wood in modern interiors. This is reinforced by a nod to 70s and retro looks in interiors too. Dark wood is dubbed by experts as the coolest wood trend in 2023.

    Dark wood, such as mahogany, walnut, or ebony, exudes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. It can add a touch of luxury and refinement to any space, making it a popular choice for furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and decorative elements.

    Dark wood has a natural warmth that can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a room. The rich, deep tones can help to create a sense of comfort and intimacy, especially in larger spaces that might otherwise feel cold or impersonal. Dark wood provides an excellent contrast when paired with lighter wall or floor colours or furniture materials. This contrast can help create visual interest and balance in a room, preventing it from feeling too monotonous or overwhelming.

    #TREND6    Upholstered walls are making a comeback 

    Wall panels are an interior designer favourite, as a device to provide an alternative to wallpaper, paint or to create focal point on a large wall. They’re a clever way to fill a narrow space and can make a design statement in a small room. They instantly elevate a room’s aesthetic, giving it a luxury boutique hotel look.

    For 2023 it’s upholstered wall panels that are popular – for their comforting and textured appeal. They’re also a fantastic and easy way to add extra insulation to a cold wall. Mountable in both horizontal or vertical configurations, upholstered wall panels are versatile and simple to install; fill a complete wall or create a backdrop for a bed to achieve the oversize headboard aesthetic.


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