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Have you tried our Butternut Squash, Spinach & Goats Cheese Risotto? Try Geof the Chef's Butternut Squash, Spinach & Goats Cheese Risotto.

19 Mar 2019

Ever wondered what to do with butternut squash? Why not try Geof the Chef's Butternut Squash, Spinach & Goats Cheese Risotto? Quick, simple and full of flavour!


Prep Time: 20 mins

Cook Time: 20 mins

Serves: 2



1 mug of risotto rice

(Arborio is my favourite)

1 shallot (finely diced)

200g of butternut squash (roasted lightly with garlic and thyme)

1 bag of fresh baby spinach (washed thoroughly)

500ml of Vegetable Stock

(Knorr is best)

200g of goats cheese

Splash Noilly Pratt or Vermouth

Knob of butter




1/ Lightly season the butternut squash, garlic and thyme and cook in a moderate oven for about 12 minutes. Make sure to check constantly as butternut squash can soften very quickly. Once done leave to one side.

2/ In a decent sized pan heat a little oil on a medium heat and add diced shallots. Gently fry but don’t brown - translucent is what you’re looking for.

3/ Next add the dry risotto rice and the knob of butter - remember to keep stirring throughout so nothing sticks.

4/ Now throw in your Noilly Pratt and turn up the heat until all the alcohol has burned away.

5/ Add your stock to the rice, remembering to keep stirring on a medium heat. The rice will soak up the stock and start to plump up. There are no rules governing when the rice is cooked, it’s down to personal taste - some people like it with bite, others like rice pudding. The more moisture you add the softer the rice will become.

6/ Once you are happy with the consistency, add the butternut squash, goats cheese and spinach from earlier. Keep stirring until the spinach has wilted and the goat's cheese has started to melt. Remember that the spinach will release liquid too!

7/ Season to taste and serve with a slice of garlic bread.


Tip: This is a vegetarian dish but could quite easily have cooked chicken added. I personally love risotto and enjoy matching flavour combos.

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