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How to Dress Your Dining Table

15 Dec 2020

‘Tis the season to dress up your dining table. Often overlooked as merely a place to eat, this integral piece of furniture can also play host to festive centrepieces and must-have homewares. While bookshelves and side tables usually steal the show, this year we’re turning our attention to the largest surface in your home, and giving it a cosy winter revamp – just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Let’s get styling. Here’s how to dress up your dining table…

Blog dress your dining table candle and plant

1. A Cluster of Candles

While a single candle may look lonely in the centre of the table, a collection of pillars, jars and candlesticks will create a stylish display by day, and a warming glow by night. Line up a row of White & Silver Ombre Candles along the centre of a table runner, or opt for varying heights of the Light Grey Pillar candle – one smaller, one taller and one wide.

2. A Stand-Out Pendant

Placed above the very centre of your dining table, pendant lights make a statement all of their own. Choose one that matches the mood of your room and the proportions of your table. For example, if your home has a boho feel, try the Natural Woven Cloche Pendant, which strikes the perfect balance between laidback and contemporary. Grey and white interiors will suit the silver Glacier Pendant, while the Ceiling Studio Light will enhance a dining room with a mid-century modern vibe.

 Blog dress your table accessories

3. A Variety of Vases

A vase is a dining table mainstay. It teams perfectly with candles and a simple table runner, whether you fill it with a bouquet of flowers or a few fresh sprigs of eucalyptus. Place a large vase, such as the Burnt Amber Glass Vase, in the centre of the table for a standable statement. Or, if you prefer succulents, try two or three smaller pots in complementing styles, like the Monochrome Face Vases.  

4. A Decorative Tray

Sometimes, on larger tables, vases and candles can appear a little out of proportion. By placing them on a decorative tray, you can tie every detail together. Pick out a Marble Effect Tray with metallic accents to set off copper or rose gold accessories in the room, or choose the silver Large Ceramic Bubble Tray to add dazzle to neutral decor. For a vintage or mid-century feel, a Wooden Tray is the ideal centrepiece. Just make sure, if your tray is rectangle- or square-shaped, you place it on a rectangular table to match.

Blog dress your table cocktail

5. A Dining Display

When it comes to serving up dinner at the table, add decorative details with a playful twist, like the Honey Beehive Salt & Pepper Set and Honey Bee Bowl. No charcuterie board is complete without fun yet functional items, such as the Set Of 6 Top Hat & Cane Olive Picks or Set Of Four Mini Mouse Cheese Knives. Meanwhile, if drinks are flowing, try swapping wine tumblers for glitzy Rose Gold or Silver glasses that sparkle. 

Looking for more quick tricks to update your home? Discover cosy living room ideas for winter or read up on four ways to instantly get the Hygge look.

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