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Karndean: Authentic designs and realistic embosses with… Our brand-new additions to our Karndean Art Select collection.

14 Nov 2018

Whether it’s through their unique grains, realistic knots and stunning textures, or through their practicality; our Karndean Art Select Wood & Stone collection boast individual designs that tell their own stories. Handcrafted and full of charm, our Art Select designs are all inspired by the natural beauty of real stone & wood.

Art Select Wood Weathered Hickory

Art Select Stone Corris

“Through meticulous attention to detail and careful selection of some of the most beautiful and inspiring natural woods, our Art Select Wood collection includes our most intricate designs and realistic embosses.” – Karndean

Art Select Wood Prairie Oak
Art Select Wood Glacier Oak
“Effortlessly stylish and one of a kind, our premium Art Select Stone collection brings the natural beauty of travertine, slate, marble and limestone to life in your home.” – Karndean


Visit us in-store to view the whole Art Select range and discuss your next flooring project with our showroom experts. They’ll walk you through our brand new Karndean Inspire showroom with touchscreen displays and the latest Karndean flooring samples.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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